Video Conferencing Services

State-of-the-art Video Conferencing technology

The Executive Centre is equipped to provide complex multi-point and point-to-point video conferencing services with state-of-the-art CISCO and Polycom technology.

Reliable, fast, optimised Internet access

Internet services at The Executive Centre are specifically optimised for Video Conferencing to provide the best possible video conferencing experience 24/7, utilising the latest CISCO routers and network equipment to deliver a low latency, high performance Internet connection

Highly trained, on-site IT Support Team

A team of professionally trained Client Service Associates are available to offer technical support and a wide range of secretarial and business services to ensure that your conference runs smoothly.

Convenient locations

The Executive Centre offers Video Conferencing facilities in over 21 cities and in alliance with partners worldwide so there must be convenient locations close to you and your clients.

Other benefits

  • Prime business district locations
  • Presentable video conference rooms
  • Aesthetically designed, ergonomic furniture
  • Simple and hassle-free booking process