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Your Virtual Key to Success - Australian Small Business Magazine features The Executive Centre's market commentaries

Australian Small Business Magazine features an article about the Virtual Office market trend by The Executive Centre's Corporate Director – Expansion, Stephen Chatham. March 2013. Vol.1, Nifnex Review. Virtual Office  – Your Virtual Key to Success Today’s technological advancements have provided mobile professionals with the ability to conduct business virtually from almost any place in the world they desire. Data can be accessed anytime, anywhere by checking emails or logging into a secure corporate VPN via Wi-Fi from local café. The traditional rules of working in a physical office from 9am to 5pm have changed and a growing number of business professionals are no longer required to work within a set time or fixed location. The notion of paying for office space full-time becomes old-fashioned. With businesses realising the advantages of deploying virtual workplace solutions, the global virtual office industry has witnessed significant growth over the years. The recent sluggish European economy and global economic uncertainty is even proving a boon for virtual office business in Pacific, following a flood of small-and-medium sized enterprises from Europe and other countries looking for new business opportunities. Stephen Chatham, Corporate Director - Expansion of The Executive Centre said, “The agility of the virtual office opens a new realm of possibilities for business of all sizes from entrepreneurs, small-to-medium sized enterprises and multinational corporations seeking to grow their businesses. Without long-term contractual commitments and free from the high costs and constraints of traditional real estate, the virtual office provides businesses a gateway to growth virtually especially in a new market. If a market is not as successful as initially planned, the investment and risk exposure is minimal. Contrarily, if the market is prosperous, the business has gained an immediate presence in a viable market. Following China, Western Australia which registered considerable economic growth and foreign direct investment last year, is expected to become another hot emerging market for virtual businesses.” Virtual office is an ideal alternative solution for businesses who seek to run their operation or to test a market without setting up a physical presence. It is a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office set up costs, keep overhead expenses such as payroll, insurance and rent to a minimum, while maintaining business professionalism with a business address. While you continue to work at home or at your current office, an assistant at the "virtual" location handles incoming calls answering them in the business' name, and receives and forwards mail and faxes. Some virtual office solutions even include the use of furnished offices or meeting rooms at the virtual office location for a set number of days every month, and other value-added services. Mobile professionals require not only the ability to work anytime-anywhere but also need prestigious business address, excellent service support, technology and tools to project the professional image successful businesses require. “Internet savvy, working predominantly online and travelling frequently, mobile professionals need personalised secretarial services, state-of-the-art meeting and conference rooms, video conferencing facilities, hotdesks and business lounges available for them to access as and when required. They also need a prestigious business address for use on their business card, letterhead, collateral and business registration,” Stephen continued.       The virtual office phenomenon has become worldwide. As the modern, mobile workforce continues to seek out more efficient, technological solutions to its business needs, the significance of the virtual office only continues to grow. Please kindly click here to view the clipping.  
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