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The Executive Centre proudly supported United Nations Peace Day Concert - “Ode to Peace” as a charity partner


The Executive Centre is pleased to have proudly supported as a charity partner for United Nations Peace Day Concert - “Ode to Peace” which was held at Hong Kong City Hall on 26 September 2013.

United Nations Peace Day Concert, as part of the Hong Kong Peace Festival, was supported by United Nations and presented by Peace International Foundation. In line with this year’s theme of “Education  for Peace”, this fund-raising concert showcased a  family  of  international  acclaimed  music  talents including two  Steinway  Artists  and  a  host  of  award  winning  artists coming from  different  regions  of  the  world,  contributing  and  sharing  their  best  talents  for the  cause  of  world  peace.  The  highlight  of  the  program  was  the  performance  by  8  hands  on  two  pianos and  violinists’ ensemble group from age 5 to 8, followed by  great  exotic  Latin American  music. 

All the proceeds  of  the event  will  be  channeled  to  the  establishment  of  the  Peace  International  Centre, aiming  to  provide  a  place  for  meetings,  discussion forums  and  educational  activities  to  take  place  that  will  groom  up  the  younger  generations  towards  a  leadership role in promoting peace in all aspects of life.

Gigi Liu, Communications Director of The Executive Centre remarked, “As a part of The Executive Centre’s mission to be a socially responsible corporate citizen, we are delighted to have supported this charity program to help promote the universal values of peace, harmony, acceptance and respect. We hope that by supporting the cause and spreading such faith, we can engage people of all ages to actively create a better world through the joy of peace.”

Peace International Foundation is a non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit organization, which advocates promoting peace, freeing the world from suffering and breaking through the barriers of race, religion, cultural differences, politics, and discrimination that so often prevent communities from living in peace and harmony. The Foundation actively supports United Nations peace initiatives through youth-centered education and community involvement.

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