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From Work-life Balance to Work-life Integration – The New Way Forward


The Official Journal of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management features The Executive Centre’s views on the new trend of Work-life Integration.

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Traditionally, “Work-Life Balance” is a business imperative directly impacting productivity and business performance, and is the goal of almost every modern day professional to maintain an overall sense of harmony in life. Work-life balance has long been considereda strict separation between work and personal life, but the lines between the two have gradually become blurred, attributable to the technology advancements which allow people to be constantly connected and businesses to be active and accessible at all times without boundaries. With the capabilities of modern technology, “Work-Life Integration”, a new concept in which work and life are intertwined, is emerging and is perceived to be the future of the working world.

​The Executive Centre has recently conducted a survey on “Work-Life Integration” among 200 business executives, aiming to gauge their attitudes and thoughts regarding the quality of their professional and personal lives, and how that quality might or might not have changed in meeting the challenges of working. According to the survey, 92% of them agreed to the global trend of work-life integration driven by the power of the Internet, mobile technology, video conferencing and email communications which allows people to work virtually anywhere with connectivity.

Gigi Liu, Corporate Director – Marketing & Communications of The Executive Centre, commented, " Apparently, today’s professionals are interested not only in intellectually challenging work and the opportunity to contribute to company goals, but also in finding work environments that are flexible to personal life needs and interests.  To attain an edge in talent recruitment and retention, organisations have to recognise that meeting the wide range of needs from employees across their various life stages through work-life programmes can be a strategic business tool for win-win outcomes in the current competitive business environment.


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