IT Support Service at The Executive Centre

Reliable, fast, optimised Internet & Wi-Fi access

Internet services at The Executive Centre are specifically optimised to provide the best possible Internet experience, utilising the latest network equipment to deliver a low latency, high performance Internet connection.

Custom developed IP PBX phone systems

  • Custom developed IP PBX employing the latest technology and features
  • Comprehensive call and billing management system
  • Intelligent call routing

Highly trained, on-site IT support team

Local, trained, professional team are available on-site to ensure that your business goes smoothly. The dedicated IT Support Service team is available to offer not only technical support but a wide range of secretarial and business services letting you focus on your business and day to day operations.

State-of-the-art Video Conferencing technology

With latest technology, our facilities are able to handle complex multi-point video conferencing requirements utilising systems from CISCO, Polycom and other industry leading vendors. Your Video Conferences will be crisp and sharp.