Coworking Spaces In Chengdu

Connect, Collaborate and Invest in Your Future Success

Connect, Collaborate and Invest in Your Future Success


المشترك اليوم

أستخدام أي من مراكز تي أي سي من أختيارك و أستخدام مكتب مشترك ليوم عمل كامل

1 Day member at our coworking space

المشترك المؤقت

أستخدام 10 أيام خلال أوقات العمل لأي من مراكز تي أي سي من أختيارك لمكتب مشترك.

10 day pass to a coworking area

مكتب مخصص

دخول 24/7 لمركز TEC من أختيارك مع أستخدام مكتب مخصص في مكان عمل مشترك

dedicated desk is one of the coworking space solutions offered at The Executive Centre

مكتب مشترك حول العالم

24/7 access to a TEC centre of your choice, including a guaranteed hot desk in a shared workspace; plus unlimited operating hour access to the shared workspaces of any TEC centre throughout our global network.

24/7 access to a TEC centre

Coworking Spaces Designed For Your Success

As one of the most popular and iconic cities in China, Chengdu is the ideal place to expand your business. Our Centres are located in some of the most sought-after addresses in the city.

Our Coworking spaces provide an exceptional and flexible business presence. Business amenities, high-speed Wi-Fi, a secure network, on-site support teams and bookable meeting facilities are just the start. Lounge spaces designed to facilitate the success of your business, provide more dynamic ways of working.

Featuring well-equipped office spaces, our Centres in Chengdu are thoughtfully designed spaces with sophisticated interiors. Productive and highly functioning, they provide a strong platform for any operation to succeed.

Rent Coworking Spaces in the Heart of Chengdu

With high-design interiors and unbounded global networking opportunities, our spaces in Chengdu provide truly unique workplace experience. With constant on-site support and first-class facilities, The Executive Centre supports businesses to establish and grow their operations. Our people-centric approach impacts everything from our design to our services. Understanding and accurately anticipating the needs of Members, is what sets us apart.

Coworking spaces at The Executive Centre are employed by the world’s largest MNCs as well as some of the most promising newly founded start-ups. From flex-and-core strategies to leveraging a built-in global network, Coworking with us means providing your teams with the flexibility to work how they do best.

Along with our Coworking Spaces in Chengdu, we also have Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices and Conference Rooms. Contact us to discover what working at The Executive Centre is like and find Your Space For Success.