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How does your Desk Layout affect your productivity?

02 November, 2022

How Does Your Desk Layout Affect Your Productivity?

From colour and storage to everything in between, here are some quick tips to ensure your desk set up allows you to work most productively.

Newest Coworking Initiative

24 August, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage Of TEC’s Newest Coworking Initiative

Discover why coworking is a smart investment for young adults, and how TEC’s under 28 coworking program can be the springboard for long-term success.

The Apollo at AIA Central in Hong Kong

20 June, 2022

Where Will You Go To Work Tomorrow?

Gain an up-to-date insight on trending workspace practices. From Activity-Based Working (ABW) to focused quiet rooms, it’s essential more than ever as we near ever closer to normalcy, to find the ideal workspace solution for you and your team.

The Apollo at AIA Central in Hong Kong

11 January, 2022

Four Ways To Use The Apollo at AIA Central

The Apollo 20 is our newest installation at AIA Central, designed by Timothy Oulton. The first in Hong Kong and 1 of 22 in the world, this exclusive space is a must-try for all our Members.

Adjustable Standing Desks by 9am Header Image

18 June, 2021

Ergonomics at The Executive Centre x 9am

Ergonomics is about enhancing productivity and wellness at work, and our partnership with 9am’s workstations is an example of this in action.


27 March, 2019

Art At Work

How can art shape our experience at work? It’s ‘Arts Month’ in Hong Kong and we’re feeling inspired.


23 January, 2019

Design Evolution: A New Chinese Aesthetic

A shift in ideology, a growing middle class and a willingness to embrace technology are changing the look and feel of workspaces in China.

The Art & Science of Design

04 September, 2018

The Art & Science of Design: The Impact of Technology on Productivity

Exploring the art and science of design and the impact of smart technology on productivity via our partnership with 9AM.

2018_8_28_Blog Header (1)

28 August, 2018

The Art & Science of Design: Experience That Exceeds Aesthetics

Exploring the art and science of design and the creation of communities through aesthetics via our partnership with Timothy Oulton.

Art and Science of Design

23 August, 2018

The Art & Science of Design: Our Evolving Ethos

Exploring the art and science of design and the evolution of the design ethos at TEC with Fiona Hardie ID.