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A green wall inside The Executive Centre

07 April, 2022

Let’s Grow Together: ESG At TEC

Discover how ESG values are incorporated into The Executive Centre in our first campaign of the year.

The sustainability green office workspace in TEC

01 November, 2021

How To Make Your Business More Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Consumers are more conscious of the importance of sustainability than ever before. With the debate over climate change, sustainability and the environment taking precedent, here are ways you can make your business more sustainable & eco-friendly.


15 July, 2020

3 Things You Need To Know | Why The Office Must Change

From aggressive shifts in corporate values and priorities, here are 3 significant trends we observe that will impact our relationship with the office.


24 June, 2020

9 Lessons For Re-Introducing The Office

Getting ready for you and your team to get back to the office? Find out what we have learnt about the re-opening of the workplace, post-COVID-19.

2018_5_9_Blog Header v2 (1)

09 May, 2018

In Conversation With Mark Devadason of CNCF

What will your recent donation mean for this NGO assisting vulnerable children in Vietnam and Mongolia?