Virtual Office Plans

Build your empire from anywhere in the world with a prestigious business addresses

اتصل بنا

Build your empire from anywhere in the world with a prestigious business addresses

اتصل بنا

عضوية المكتب الأفتراضي

باقات مرنة للمكتب الأفتراضي و متميزة توافق أحتياجتك

عنوان الأعمال

A prestigious address within a prominent business district, our basic virtual office plan includes mail management as well as access to meeting rooms and business concierge services as required

خدمة الرد علي المكالمات

A dedicated local phone number professionally managed by our in-house receptionists with customised greetings to introduce your business. Perfect for those who need professional phone call support and management

عنوان وخدمة الرد علي المكالمات

Enjoy a complete virtual presence with the features of both a Business Address and Call Handling plan. We help handle your operational needs, so you can focus on your business

Reception at one of TEC centres that handles phone calls and mails

How to Set Up a Virtual Office

Getting your own Virtual Office with The Executive Centre is a simple and straightforward process. Best of all it only takes a matter of minutes to apply.

Step 1: Explore
Find your ideal Centre among our global business addresses in Dubai.

Step 2: اختر
Select the Virtual Office plan that suits your business needs.

Step 3: الاشتراك
Finish signing up by completing the online payment and providing contact information so that our team can follow up and make arrangements to support your business.

Why Virtual Office?

Our Virtual Offices allow businesses to take advantage of a prestigious address with a local landline phone number and secretarial needs. You can also use our business address for your business registration purposes. It is a perfect solution for those who don’t require a physical office space yet still want a premium business address to establish an exceptional professional presence.

Packages That Cater to Your Business Needs

The Executive Centre offers various options that cater to your specific needs. You can access our IT support systems as well as thoughtfully designed meeting rooms and event spaces.

Experience the best in business hot desking, professional Coworking and other premium options giving you full flexibility in your work.

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  • "تُتيح لنا الوسائل التكنولوجية في يومنا هذا إمكانية العمل من أي مكان تقريباً، ومع ارتفاع تكاليف العقارات، فقد أصبحت فكرة تأجير مرافق المكاتب الدائمة محلّاً للتساؤل، خاصةً عندما تؤسس شركةً جديدة. لقد نجح المركز التنفيذي في حلِّ هذه المشكلة لنا بالفعل، ومع ذلك، ما زِلنا نستطيع الوصول بشكلٍ كامل إلى عالم ..." اقرأ المزيد >>
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