International Women’s Day 2023

We’re proud to be a global organisation that collectively #EmbraceEquity. It is something we value and embrace unconditionally.

Imagine a gender-equal world, free of bias and stereotypes, where difference is valued and celebrated. At The Executive Centre (TEC), we’re proud to be a global organisation and community that collectively #EmbraceEquity. It’s not just something we write about but something we value and embrace unconditionally. We understand that equal opportunities aren’t enough, that people come from different places and for true inclusion and belonging to occur, there must be equitable actions to create a truly inclusive world.

Understanding Equity

Equality and equity share the common goal of treating people fairly, yet they hold very different meanings. Embracing equity is about acknowledging and catering to everyone’s differences. Instead of equally distributing resources, time and effort, we must allocate them according to each individual’s situation and needs, resulting in a fairer outcome.

Our Women

At TEC, we #EmbraceEquity and believe our company is stronger because of its diversity through the celebration of our women and their allies - empowering them to work towards an equal future. We’re proud to share that almost 60% of our global workforce are women; from Baristas, to Associates, Managers to Regional Directors, we promote our teams based on merit and ingenuity.

Hear It From Our TEC Women

With 2023's theme being #EmbraceEquity, we've asked our female leaders and teammates from across our regions to share what International Women's Day and the theme means to them.

A Message From Our Founder & CEO

Embracing Equity has forever been a part of TEC’s DNA. While International Women’s Day is an excellent platform to bring focus on these important issues, creating an inclusive and equal TEC workforce and culture is an ongoing, conscious process. This ethos is at the forefront of how we programme our business strategy, from internal hiring decisions, to the organisations we partner with; we are proud to #EmbraceEquity.

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