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Discover how to incorporate flexible workspace solutions like Coworking passes for your future of work and success.

As businesses around the world adopt flexible working practices in response to the global pandemic, a great deal has been discussed about what lies ahead for the future of work and whether remote working will become standard practice. In essence ‘The Future of Work’ is about how individuals and businesses can improve their resiliency to respond for a future of unknowns. While it’s impossible to predict the future, we can certainly improve our ability to adapt by arming ourselves with the capacity to be more flexible, agile and mobile in our working practices, ethics and approach. So, exactly how can we enhance ourselves and our businesses today for that future? Let’s take a look at how work will evolve and see what tools we can use to equip ourselves better.

How Will The Future Of Work Evolve?

As flexible working practices has been embraced, the global working culture has shifted in favour of a more agile, decentralised and collaborative one. Virtual conferences will become more common in the future as an alternative but not a replacement of physical meetings and conferences. Many social, confidential and collaborative functions simply cannot be replaced by webcams, headsets and microphones.

Large companies will seek to enhance their organisation’s mobility by bolstering corporate real estate portfolios with a “hub and spoke” model through the acquisition of smaller dedicated offices or satellite hub locations to provide a “third space” for employees to work from. This will open up the opportunity for employees to work-from-home, work remotely and check-in at a safe touchpoint space for meetings or catch-ups that are more accessible and closer to home or clients.

A typical week for the worker of the future may be working in the office on a Monday, working from home on a Tuesday, then popping into the closest Coworking space on a Wednesday to do some focussed work or to take virtual meetings in an environment that is quiet, professional and has strong internet connectivity – without having to commute as far as the office. In this manner, traditional businesses can enjoy the versatility of adopting flexible working solutions that so far have been associated with start-ups and small businesses. Moreover, Corporate Global Passes for a number of teams and employees can provide a cost-effective alternative to renting costly offices for long leases for mobile teams. Furthermore, Day Office passes can provide ad-hoc fully furnished private offices on a pay-as-you-go or bulk package basis which can support businesses facing that are scaling up or down.

As work will become more demanding and sensitive to unexpected changes in the environment, the most productive workers in the future will be those who have the capability to be responsive. Moreover, workers who have the freedom and resiliency to choose their working environment will be better equipped to stay productive than peers without sufficient logistical and infrastructural support.

Which Flexible Solution Is Right For me?

Ultimately the quality of a Flexible Solution is intrinsically tied to the quality of the provider. Whilst every provider may offer unique amenities, services and office design, certain elements are a staple across all Flexible Workspace providers that can give you a benchmark of quality and fit. For instance, when taking a tour of the office spaces, consider the quality of the Community as all these fellow members and companies could potentially be future clients and partners. Moreover, how does the atmosphere compare with your ideal company culture and vision for success? Other aspects to take a notice of includes the workstations, furnishings, Wi-Fi connectivity, security and other amenities such as locker storage, access hours and barista bars. Above all a flexible workspace is a statement about your business, its address is the first thing on your business card and its space is the first thing that embraces your clients and partners.

While there’s no one size fits all solution, The Executive Centre (TEC) is Asia Pacific’s leading premium flexible workspace provider and has a range of flexible workspace tailored for successful businesses, savvy professionals and large corporates in mind. What this means is that no matter which flexible solution you take up with TEC, you’ll be embraced with impressive service, modern office designs, prestigious business addresses and unparalleled accessibility.

One of our flexible products that can suit businesses of all sizes and industries are our range of Coworking passes . A Coworking pass can vary from a City Pass, Global Pass, Dedicated Desk and Day Office. Corporate Global Passes can also be tailored and packaged for different business needs.

City Passes and Global Passes unlocks all coworking spaces, lounges and communal areas within a designated city, or across all 14 countries that TEC are established in. These spaces are all readily serviced with high-speed secure internet connectivity, audio-visual technology and infrastructure to support remote working, virtual conferences and collaborations.

Dedicated Desks ensures that you always have a space that you can call your own by assigning a workstation to your name. In addition, you will access a dedicated storage locker, opportunities to attend online and offline events and more. Similar to a Dedicated Desk, a Day Office unlocks the privacy and peacefulness of an available Serviced Office without having to commit to a full lease term.

The beauty of a premium flexible workspace like us is that no matter how big or small, how long or short a venue space you would require, they can tailor a solution to meet your needs. Whether that’s a quick 2-hour meeting room catch up before you catch a flight, or a half-day event space for a virtual seminar each Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology and flexible floor layouts.

Flexible Workspaces Tailored To You

Since the future of work is increasingly demanding businesses, corporates and professionals to become more responsive and adaptable to unforeseen changes in the global economy and environment, being flexible and agile in our working practices, ethic and approach have never been more important. For corporates and leaders looking to enhance their employee’s wellbeing, productivity and mobility in minimal risk and cost-saving way, the logical choice is to invest in a Corporate Global Pass from The Executive Centre. Not only can employees benefit from having a “third space” to choose to work from as a safe alternative to the home office, but employees can also access a multitude of amenities that The Executive Centre offers their Community.

Located within the heart of CBD’s in over 14 Markets and 150+ Centres across the Asia Pacific, The Executive Centre (TEC) is the leading premium flexible workspace provider in the region.

Take a Virtual Tour of our Executive Centres instantly here, or contact our team to set up a visit of our coworking spaces by emailing communications@executivecentre.com