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‘Enterprise Solutions by The Executive Centre’, New Video Series Announces Landmark Product Evolution

Date posted: 19 November, 2019

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The flexible workspace industry has no doubt reached a crossroads, but this new campaign by The Executive Centre (TEC) presents a bold and optimistic roadmap for the future of flex. TEC is the third largest flexible workspace provider in Asia, with 130+ Centres and growing in 14 countries and 32 cities, currently serving more than 26,000 Members. The campaign explores their Enterprise Solutions offering in a series of three films that map the process of developing a fully customised, 360-degree turnkey solution from the initial search and selection of location, to the design and build, through to the operation of the finished space. The series follows TEC and their Enterprise Member, Cielo Talent, as a milestone project in Manila takes shape, featuring commentary from TEC stakeholders, design partners and Cielo representatives.


Whitepaper and Contribution from TEC Founder and CEO Paul Salnikow

“In addition to the video series, the campaign is supported by a new report from TEC, contextualised by a special upfront from founder and CEO, Paul Salnikow. This piece is a bold and confident manifesto that makes it clear TEC is well prepared for the current market dynamic, with plans to leverage their foundation as a sustainable, profitable and growing entity to make the most of new opportunities. Salnikow affirms, “The current climate has surprised many, but we have been working assuredly and consistently in readiness for the opportunities at hand. We welcome what is to come.”


Part 1 | Vision

An Enterprise project allows for complete customisation in terms of location, design, layout branding, IT requirements and more. Members are not confined to the existing TEC footprint meaning there are quite literally, infinite opportunities in terms of location. As a leading provider, TEC will work closely with Members to ensure the solution is uniquely articulated to meet their requirements. This film charts the Enterprise process from its beginning stages as we see the Cielo workspace begin to take shape in Manila.


Part 2 | Design & Build

Exceptional design credentials have always been key to the success of TEC, and an Enterprise Solution gives Members the chance to develop a space that perfectly articulates their brand identity, vision and utility. TEC acts as an integrated delivery platform in this process, ensuring that the finished space is a complete embodiment of a Member’s vision. This film explores the process of Enterprise delivery as TEC work to deliver a flexible space that can support Cielo’s bold expansion plans in Manila.


Part 3 | Operate

When it comes to the operation of an Enterprise space, Members have the opportunity to experience the same level of exceptional service that they have come to expect in TEC network Centres. TEC offers varying levels of operational support to Enterprise Members that can be determined based on business priorities and preferences. In the case of Cielo, TEC work directly with the team as an operations partner, taking care of all essential functions. This film reflects the partnership dynamic of an Enterprise Solution with Cielo able to begin work in a fully operational space from day one.


The series premiered on all TEC global social media channels, with supporting content including behind the scenes content available via a campaign website:

Beyond this, TEC looks forward to developing new Centres and relationships that evolve the flex industry.

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