How To Choose Between A Private Office, Coworking Pass and Managed Enterprise Solution

Explore how different customisable workspace solutions can enhance your business's competitiveness, productivity and employee satisfaction.

The nature of work is constantly changing, and technology has played a significant role in facilitating this shift. In the past, having all team members under one roof was essential for effective collaboration. However, with the advent of remote work, employees expect more flexibility in their work arrangements.

Organisations are also recognising the benefits of hybrid working and are increasingly willing to provide employees with more flexibility. However, there are still situations where physical collaboration is necessary, either for project work or for building a strong company culture.

Flexible workspace solutions have emerged as a viable alternative to traditional office rentals. These collaborative spaces offer a range of options, from coworking lounges to meeting rooms and call booths, event spaces, private office suites, and even larger bulk solutions. By opting for flexible workspace solutions, organisations can avoid long-term commitments and high costs associated with traditional office rentals. Private office spaces, in particular, offer a range of benefits to organisations.

In this blog, we will explore different use cases for coworking spaces, private offices and managed enterprise solutions and showcase how businesses can ensure they choose the right type of flexible workspace solutions to enhance their competitiveness, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Choose A Pass That Fits Your Lifestyle

Individuals who frequently travel for business know how important it is to have access to professional workspaces while on the go. With a Coworking Pass, Members get access to an open-floor plan area with various work areas available for use. At The Executive Centre, there are dedicated Coworking Libraries which are typically reserved for focus work and are quieter than other communal areas such as pantries, lounges and café areas. The workstations in these libraries are equipped with charging sockets, height-adjustable tables with storage, and depending on your location, a second monitor to expand your digital tabletop.

To access Coworking Spaces at The Executive Centre, you can choose between a Global Pass or City Pass to suit your lifestyle. A Global Pass unlocks all 180+ Coworking Spaces, whereas a City Pass provides access to all centres within in a particular city, making it a perfect solution for individuals who need to spend an extended period in a single city and are moving around the central business district for client catch ups and require a ready to use touchdown location.

In addition to flexible coworking passes, our centres offer a range of amenities to enhance the work experience. City lounges provide a comfortable environment for individuals to work peacefully; private phone booths and call rooms are available video calls; Barista Bars offer a café environment for a casual pick-me-up and informal conversations.

For those who want the peace of mind of a dedicated workspace without the commitments of a short-term lease, we also offer Dedicated Desks which reserves a workspace within our Coworking Library. There are also Day Office plans which provides access to an available Private Office which offers more confidentiality and privacy for individuals who need to hold multiple calls throughout the day or need a touchdown space in the heart of the central business district.

Small Teams and Agencies

While coworking spaces offer many benefits, serviced offices (Private Offices) can be a better fit for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small teams. Serviced Offices also provide a more private and secure environment, which is important for companies that handle sensitive information or need to maintain confidentiality.

In a serviced office, businesses have their own private workspace, which can help them establish a sense of identity and brand recognition. This is especially important for SMEs that are looking to build a professional image and establish themselves in the market.

Moreover, serviced offices offer more flexibility in terms of customisation and branding opportunities. SMEs and small teams can personalise their workspace to meet their specific needs and requirements. They can also have more control over the layout and design of the office, which can help them create a more comfortable and productive work environment.

Another advantage of serviced offices is the range of amenities and services that are included in the rental package. These may include reception services, IT support, cleaning, and maintenance, among others. This means that businesses can focus on their core operations and leave the administrative tasks to the serviced office provider.

Multinational Corporations

For bigger teams and those with specific technical requirements, a Managed Enterprise Solution may be the best option. The Managed Enterprise Solution is a fully customised service that starts with a consultation to discover what each business requires from a space, tech and location perspective. Following this, a proposal is made which utilises TEC’s expertise and scale of economies to find the most cost-effective path to sourcing material, building, fitting out and operating a workspace.

Typically, after a consultation, clients can then fine-tune their proposal according to their needs. For example, if ongoing office management is not needed, or if only the design consultation is needed and not the construction and fit-out, then those parts can be taken out of the proposal. Furthermore, what makes Managed Enterprise Solution attractive as a corporate real estate solution is that all the stages of fit-out to ongoing operational management of a workspace can be amortised into one tidy monthly invoice split over an agreed term.

Overall, a Managed Enterprise Solution is an ideal solution for bigger teams and those with specific technical requirements. This option provides businesses with a fully customised workspace that can help improve productivity and performance while allowing them to focus on their core operations.

Flexible Solutions For A Changing Future Of Work

As with any strategic decision-making process, choosing between a Private Office, Coworking Pass, or Managed Enterprise Solution begins with understanding your business's current position and future needs. By doing so, you can determine the most effective solution for your company. Fortunately, with over 29 years of experience in the workspace industry, TEC can provide support and guidance to businesses in need of a suitable workspace solution based on their growth and company structure. Whether you are looking to expand into a foreign market, decentralise your business across multiple office sites, or empower your team with premium workspace locations that offer choice and mobility, The Executive Centre is here to help.