Introducing TEC Create: A Marketing Service for TEC Members

Save time and money knowing that your marketing collaterals are professionally produced by TEC’s very own marketing services.

TEC Create is a new service line developed by The Executive Centre’s Marketing Department which will support the marketing and creative needs of our Members, allowing them to outsource everything from designing a PowerPoint deck, filming a webinar, developing a variety of video content, and even creating marketing collaterals like flyers, business card or merchandise.

Introducing TEC Create

Whether you’re a start-up, small-medium enterprise or a veteran in your industry, there will come moments when your business needs to attract attention and create buzz to drive sales or spread a message. When you operate a lean team or tight timeline, resources can be challenging to manage. There may be opportunity costs in choosing which projects your marketing, video and design teams should prioritise. Ad-hoc items such as a flyer, professional-looking presentations, and video production with subtitling all require related resources, which can be very time-consuming and expensive to outsource.

So wouldn’t it be great to have a trusted service provider with whom you’re already familiar, who already understands your business positioning and professional needs to help you with marketing items?

That’s why we developed TEC Create.

With this new service, all TEC Members can gain exclusive access to preferential rates and fast turnover time for their marketing and creative needs. As this service is being provided and managed by the same Global Marketing Team that oversees all of TEC’s social, digital, and centre marketing collaterals, our Members are guaranteed service that is on par with our very own branding and professional standards.

Take a look at some of the marketing collaterals we’ve produced over the years for ourselves and our Members:

Videos and Testimonials

Our foray into video production came from the desire to introduce our own brand to the market in a more dynamic and exciting way, visually telling the story of TEC’s founding, evolution, products and services, and most importantly, Members. We soon realised that some of our products are difficult to represent in a “live format” which led us to expand our video capabilities into the animation space.

Fast forward to today, we now have a full in-house production team with the ability to create real-life, fully animated, and mixed media videos. From the storyboarding to the shooting, all the way through post-production, our goal is always to work with you to bring the narrative you envision to life in an authentic and visually compelling way.

Check out this video from Workiva, a part of our Member Success Stories series, where we showcased their brand and business ethos and get a feel for what you can expect from our video production services.

Animations and Motion Design

Animations and motion graphics are a fantastic way to bring content to life in a more interesting and engaging way, but without the time and investment necessary to create a live video. From animation video tutorials, to GIFS that can be used on social channels or in EDMs, motion graphics can add another layer of complexity to your marketing creative.


Supported by TEC’s very own Global Marketing Team, save time looking for a creative service provider and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your marketing collaterals and videos meet the same high levels of professional standards that we demand from ourselves as the leading provider of premium flexible workspaces in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

PowerPoint Decks and Marketing Materials

Do you have looming deadlines or upcoming investor pitches? Do you find it difficult to create eye-catching brand materials? If you answered yes, look no further.

Our professional design team are well-experienced in creating marketing materials that capture the attention of companies across a plethora of industries. Whether you require a flyer, price guide or high-definition PowerPoint pitch deck, TEC Create will ensure your collaterals are impressive and impressionable.


Brand awareness is key when it comes to showcasing your company’s image, values and products both online and offline. One of the best ways to create engagement and memorability is with merchandise that you can give away at events, gift to clients for special occasions or even use as prizes to activate digital campaigns and competitions.

Here are some examples of merchandise we’ve created (and you may have received from us over the course of our 28-year tenure), from tote bags to umbrellas, hats, charging cables and more.

Contact us today for a private consultation by emailing us at tec-create@executivecentre.com.

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