TEC Enterprise Solution | Ericsson’s Experience

Ericsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, headquartered in Sweden.

Ericsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, headquartered in Sweden. Hong Kong office required an optimised workplace to cater to their specific space, infrastructure and headcount requirements. Ericsson has been a proud Member of TEC since 2018. From consultation to procurement and designing a custom fit-out of a large-scale dynamic workspace, Enterprise Solution provides the most extensive degree of autonomy and agility to the business on a negotiable and shorter lease term. Here’s what Ericsson had to say about their relocation experience.

Excerpt from an interview with the Hong Kong Real Estate Business Partner of Ericsson:

“Overall our experience with The Executive Centre has been a pleasant and positive one. The mix of advantages is unique and competitive at the price range they offered to us. TEC’s customer service team is very responsive and knowledgeable in providing the facility services where required.

Speaking in terms of our experience throughout the pandemic, Ericsson have been happy to be embraced by TEC’s support. Increased precautionary measures such as cleaning, deep disinfection and speed of delivery and response have been really appreciated. TEC has been working closely with the building management to monitor the situation and communicated promptly with Ericsson.

The enterprise solution in PCCW Tower is impressive; our colleagues in Hong Kong are very complimentary about the design and space. We are very excited by the optimised workspace and office layout. If we had gone with a direct landlord lease, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the additional amenities TEC provide such as the serviced lounge facility and barista bar. Having this facility as optional space to meet clients and provide a nice change of scenery for our colleagues to take break outs. The new digital lockers and upgraded Nespresso coffee machine in the pantry are well received by our colleagues!

As a whole, the programme went smoothly despite some changes in moving date and relocation plan due to unforeseeable events. TEC’s operations team were very efficient and professional in handling and liaising with the requests, with our team and our associates – whether that was the designer, contractors, IT consultant or moving company. We look forward to continuing our business and growth with The Executive Centre.”

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