In Conversation With Our Members: Land Insight

At The Executive Centre, we aim to provide tailored made solutions to all our Members. The following blog explores our relationship with LandInsight, an environmental risk analysis company headquartered in our Barangaroo Centre.

What is LandInsight and what do they do?

Tim Osborne, Co-Founder, LandInsight

At LandInsight we provide environmental risk information to our clients in a rapid process. historically, this information has been difficult to access, and what we've done is combine all this information nationally into a singular dataset that we can farm out to our clients.

Nowadays, you can't just go to a website and find this contaminated land information. On average you would have to peruse probably 50-60 websites throughout the country. And then there's data that's just not out there in the public domain. That's where we come in, with our intellectual property, we develop data in-house to help solve environmental challenges for our clients.

Ana Ouriques, CEO of LandInsight

We founded LandInsight approximately three years ago when we identified a gap in the market in Australia with regards to environmental risk information.

Our business’ aim is to empower stakeholders to make better environmental and financial decisions when it comes to environmental risks.

Why did LandInsight choose a flexible workspace?

Daniel Robinson, Principal Partner, Environmental Services

One of the things you would find for Barangaroo is that over the last 10 years, we've seen this massive urban redevelopment for sustainable buildings that are now being graded 5 and 6 stars. Now it's important as an environmental company who prides themselves on the quality and the integrity of their business ethos to actually be operating out of and working in the space like this, with TEC.

The environment is fundamental to who we are. It's part of our core business. We need to make sure that we work and we demonstrate this credibility by having and working in an office space, which also functions in the same way.


Location is very important. We chose this space because it's central, it's easier for our staff to commute to. Additionally, Barangaroo is well known for being, Australia’s first carbon neutral precinct which coincides closely with what we do.

Flexible workspaces are great because they allow collaboration, not only within your team, but with other people. Because of this, we’ve had opportunities to work with some of the other companies within TEC.

It’s very important for us, as a business, to offer a great environmental conscious workplace to our staff. They're the core of our business, therefore it’s imperative that they feel comfortable, and work in a place that they enjoy. It's one of the reasons we chose to be here.

As we continue to grow, it's great to have TEC assistance, especially with regards to IT infrastructure. TEC offers 24/7 IT support. It gives our clients the assurance that our data is always going to be available, and our projects can continue to grow. We also process a lot of data on the weekends, therefore, it’s very crucial to have a place that supports our data analysis and processing.


Prior to TEC, we've been involved in mostly brick and mortar type leasing arrangements that have been inflexible towards the growth strategies of our business. We've always wanted to find a space where we could grow and expand at our own pace.

Professionals teaming up to plan for expansion

How is LandInsights experience with TEC thus far?


Our experience with the TEC staff has been really positive. When I first started working here and I came into the office, I found it was really vibrant. We'd just come off the last year working from home due to lockdowns and now I’m in a workplace where there's lots of people and a friendly atmosphere.

Additionally, the versatility of the spaces such as meeting rooms, quiet working spaces, collaborative workspaces are all things that I find important to different styles of work especially for people and the way they operate.

One of my roles in our company is to engage with our and organise a client function. Here at TEC, we have the luxury of being able to bring our clients in, show them our space and what we do, and entertain them rather than having to outsource it.


Before moving to TEC, we had our office, and it was just us. Now that we’ve moved into a flexible work environment, it’s so much better, it allows the team to meet and collaborate with other people, you never know who you're going to meet at the breakout area, or at the lift. In actuality, there have been business opportunities that have arisen from these sorts of encounters.