International Women’s Day 2021

More than a workspace we are committed to creating spaces that uplift our Members. Women's Day and Gender Equality has always been at the heart of our Community

At the heart of The Executive Centre and central to our demand-driven success strategy is the philosophy that “our Member’s needs come first” and it’s from this perspective that we build the attention to detail in our company’s customer service, Centre design and product offerings are made. However, we don’t just want to design a space that optimises work, as a space provider we want to create a space that uplifts the people that use our workspace. So in many regards gender equality and International Women’s Day (IWD) in particular has always been at the forefront of our company culture since our founding in 1994. From creating nursing rooms and wellness rooms in our Centres, to providing platforms that showcase female leaders through networking events, professional seminar and webinars to forming partnerships with associations such as Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

How is gender equality important to our values as a flexible workspace provider?

Today, TEC’s global workforce is made up of more than 600 women (over 60% of total employees); and has achieved a near gender parity (approx. 47% female staff) across the head office in Hong Kong. We are committed towards bringing equal opportunities for all genders and promote diversity within all levels of our business from corporate level to regional markets and beyond.

In fact, five out of seven of our Regional Heads are women and they are responsible for overseeing their specific regions/countries in all facets including (but not limited to) sales & marketing, operations, training, accounts, HR, IT, client’s (and employees) retention and satisfaction. In addition, these Regional Heads have been with TEC for over a decade of their professional career which demonstrates their commitment, trust and belief in the values TEC upholds. Moreover, as an industry leading organisation we sincerely value the ethos that credit is given where credit is due, and it is through merit, hard work and sustained success through character that these regional heads have been appointed.

Our Women Across the TEC Global Workforce

How are we celebrating International Women’s Day this year?

As we have many female leaders, teammates, and over 30,000+ Members at The Executive Centre, we have asked some of our senior female management team to share with us what certain “inspirational” words means to them. Words such as Equality, Empowerment, Collaboration, Respect, Balance etc. We will also showcase videos from our female Members that share their experience and inspirations as a woman which will be launched on our social media channels and on our company blog. We hope to provide inspiration, support and empowerment to other females in celebration of this important day.

In addition, we are also partnering with several external organisations to discuss the challenges that face women leaders today, including participating in a webinar on the topic with Italian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and Macau, sharing inspirational female content from Urban Land Institute’s Women in Leadership Initiative, and co-hosting an International Women’s Day fair in partnership with Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

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