How To: Use MyTEC

Everything you need to know to begin using our new Member portal.

The modern, corporate landscape is complex and multidimensional, but there are strategies that make navigating this ecosystem significantly easier. We know that networking is essential for professional development, both collaborative and private spaces are essential for productive work, experiences are an important component of workplace culture, and flexibility in terms of time, space and purpose is paramount. In our 25 years of operation as industry leaders, we have seen the increased opportunities that come with digital experiences as part of day-to-day business operations. Technology can connect all of the important aspects of work and space, making for an accessible and seamless experience. We are proud to introduce our new platform for Members to take ownership of their online experience at The Executive Centre, here is your comprehensive guide to MyTEC.

About MyTEC

MyTEC is the newest addition to our ecosystem. It aims to streamline the online and offline experience of our Members, bringing with it new ways for our community to connect and collaborate. It will be instrumental in providing us the ability to better anticipate the behaviour of our Members, building a deeper understanding of their needs, and enabling a fully integrated approach to their workplace practices.

MyTEC functions include;

  • Managing bookings for meeting and conference spaces
  • Make service requests like catering (coming soon)
  • RSVP to events in all regions
  • Manage a personal professional profile (coming soon)
  • Find and connect with Members in the global TEC network (coming soon)

Spearheading this launch is TEC Product Manager Daryl Wong, who explains the ins-and-outs of the new platform;

“MyTEC is a web portal where TEC Members can access fundamental services such as booking rooms, registering for events, and managing invoices. More importantly, MyTEC will introduce two significant new features that will vastly strengthen the value and utility of our growing community to existing and prospective clients alike. The first is member and company profile management. For the first time, Members will be able to autonomously update and manage their information which signifies a marked improvement to our data collection and handling practices, as well as their scalability. The second that will be launched later this year is a directory which will enable our Members to search for and connect with companies and / or other Members. We’ve already witnessed instances of member-to-member connections producing tangible business partnerships and this feature will only further cultivate these types of connections across our global Community."

MyTEC in Action

We’ve put together an outline that shows you how to use the basic functions within MyTEC. Follow these easy steps and explore everything this exciting new addition to your TEC experience.

Step 1: Take a seat and open up the link sent to your registered email account

Step 2: Sign up using your email address and a secure password. Click ‘Sign In’

Step 3: Choose the profile you wish to manage, these will appear automatically according to your signed agreement(s) with TEC

Step 4: Your home page will appear and everything you need is accessible via the navigation bar at the top of your window. You can always get back to this page by clicking on the top left logo

Step 5: To set up your profile, visit the top right corner and click ‘Edit Profile’

Step 6: Fill in your personal information and view your setting options

Step 7: Go directly to your ‘My Company’ page located in the headline navigation bar

Step 8: Your status in your company may give you the ability to manage your company profile from this page

Step 9: Fill in your company information, including the ‘Instructions’ bar (this allows you to update the directions to our team of your preferred process for your mail and call handling)

Step 10: You’re all set and are now able to use all the available functionalities located in the headline navigation bar

If you would like additional guidance or just have some general questions regarding MyTEC, reach out to your Engagement Team for support.