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How Office Design Matters More for your Business Productivity

Why Great Office Design Matters for your Business Productivity?

Date posted: 29 May, 2018

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Why Great Office Design Matters for your Business Productivity?

How Workplace Design Affects Business Productivity?

Work is worship, and the office is truly a temple. There is nothing worse than having office space that is designed in a distasteful way. It hampers productivity and overall is really just bad.

Business productivity depends on a number of factors, work-space being an important one. The way co-workers are seated and the kind of environment they work in directly impacts the way they work.

It is not the 1920’s, when the goal of the office space was to create an environment for maximum productivity. All desks would normally face a supervisor, and each worker would sit alone, at a forward facing desk. The 30’s and 40’s gave offices fluorescent lighting. Interior designs changed, furniture was no longer needed to be near available plug sockets. Then, in the 80’s the cubicle system came into being, and from then on, various other factors kept changing. A number of distractions also wound their way through.

Those who are on a tight budget, especially budding entrepreneurs who are running their own ventures, will find it is much more prudent to rent office space, as opposed to design from scratch a place to work at. Renting plug and play office spaces has its perks. You get instant connectivity, and a host of other great features that you would otherwise have to take care of by yourself.

The office space depends on the location as well. Meeting rooms located at prime business hotspots are great to work out of. They offer the convenience of hitting the ground running, with regards to operations, and offering great amenities to their occupants.

Those who are looking for furnished office space in Bangalore, Mumbai or Delhi will appreciate that the space comes already with printers, phones and secretarial services, should the need arise.

The design of these office spaces has been conceptualised keeping productivity and practicality in mind.

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