TEC x Herman Miller: How To Sit in a Chair

Most of us spend on average 8 hours a day sitting in a chair, and this sedentary behaviour impacts productivity, mood and general wellbeing.

Wellness at work has never been a more topical issue, and for good reason; when we feel our best, we produce our best work. In our centres, we have observed that seemingly small details can really improve how our Members feel and perform at work. Most of us spend on average 8 hours a day sitting in a chair, and this sedentary behaviour impacts productivity, mood and general wellbeing. Ergonomics, the science of designing for the human body is at the forefront of the Herman Millers design ethos. Understanding the human body and the way we live our lives is intertwined with their understanding of materials, aesthetics and design functionality. The Aeron Classic is iconic, a hallmark in workplace ergonomics, and The Executive Centre are proud to offer this exceptional piece of design as standard in all centres and to all Members throughout our network.

About Herman Miller and Aeron Classic

Herman Miller are pioneers in design. With a permanent exhibit in New York’s Museum of Modern Art, they command an immediate respect across design, art, tech and anthropology. When designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick came on board, they set out to challenge the industry standard office chair. Over 20 years after its inception, the Aeron Classic is still a leader in its field. With their focus on a product that was “health-positive, cross-performing, inclusively sized and environmentally sensitive”, the innovative material and form changed the popular perception of workplace design objects. To this day, the design duo and their creation play a vital role in the ever-evolving conversation about how and where we want to work.

The Democratic Solution

One of the key distinguishing factors of the Aeron Classic is its ability to mould to the body, as opposed to the reverse, a design fault in most other chairs. Regardless of height, weight or posture, the chair does the leg work to maximise comfort and elevate the experience of the end user. Beyond this, its high-tech functionality means that it is intelligent in its operation, supporting the spine and helping to encourage correct posture while providing an optimal experience. Fluid in its application, the Aeron Classic accommodates any number of commonly adopted work positions or styles of working, truly a democratic addition to the work place.

The A-Z

The Aeron Classic offers a suite of special features including fully adjustable pads that provide comprehensive lumbar stability to mimic the action of standing. Additionally, the chair tilt mechanism ensures full support and natural movement and a perfectly balanced tension across their signature material which comfortably envelops the user. Perhaps the most recognisable feature of the chair is the distinctive sensation of sitting in the Aeron Classic. Although it may seem contradictory to the fundamental concept of the design, the idea that movement helps stimulate productivity is essential to its carefully considered features. With the right configuration for the end user, the material is designed to eliminate circulation-restricting pressure points while the customisable capabilities deliver maximised ergonomic support. The ‘performance enhancing' nature of the chair allows for easy and constant movement because staying mobile, even when working at a desk is essential.

All About the Angles

Knowing your body and your work style is essential when it comes to configuring your chair. The Aeron Classic is lively, responsive and sensitive to the body and its movements. The newly updated version has further developed its cross-performance capabilities and boasts a smarter performance to allow the same for its user. It is known that the body is strongest when standing with chest open and pelvis tilted forward so it only makes sense that the same applies to a seated position. As Herman Miller’s lead expert on the matter, Maria Andreu, explains “The human body doesn’t have any straight lines so why should a chair?”

How To Sit

  • Sitting correctly in the chair can be attributed to one thing - angles
  • Start with feet shoulder width apart and take a seat, your hips should be at a perfect 90 degree angle
  • With feet flat on the floor, your seat should extend to the back of the chair
  • Adjust the height of the chair to enable a 90-degree flexion at your knee
  • Make sure the supportive lumbar track behind your chair is fitted comfortably within the natural curve of your lower back
  • Lastly, position the armrest so that in a natural relaxed position your forearms are supported with another 90 degree angle at your elbow