Three Ways to Guarantee a Disastrous Meeting

An average individual spends more than half of his total working time on meetings…

An average individual spends more than half of his total working time on meetings. There are different types of meetings, but regardless of the time, the main agenda of every meeting is getting work done.

Or is it?

How often have you spent hours together discussing one topic, and finally reaching to no conclusion? Or, how much time have you wasted discussing about your colleague’s personal life, when you thought you were attending an important client brief meeting?

Everyone talks about the different ways in which companies can ensure that their meetings are successful and productive. But, here are 5 ways to guarantee a disastrous meeting that everyone should avoid:

Invite Everyone

Be it an Ad-Hoc or a Kick-Off, call everyone to attend the meeting. Right from the newest intern to the CEO of the company. Because, meetings can get out of control when there are too many people in the same room. Everyone voicing their opinions and indulging in sub-conversations, this is a perfect recipe for a terrible meeting.

Book A Horrible Venue

When you have a perfectly noisy and crowded coffee shop on the streets of Churchgate, why would you need to invest in a conference hall ? You do risk the chances of no one being able to hear what is being said, and nothing productive being achieved. But, you are looking to conduct a disastrous meeting, right?

Professionals Don’t Need Preparations

Or no one for that matter needs to prepare. Come unprepared, with no set agenda and let the meeting run its course without knowing exactly what you want to achieve. There is no better way to ensure that no one understands what you are saying, or that your meeting is disastrous.

Never Stick To The Time Frame

After a really unproductive, no agenda meeting, your attendees are going to expect you to keep it short and simple. Surprise them! Drag the meetings for hours without an end, without reaching any conclusion. Besides ensuring that your meeting will end up terrible, it will also ensure that no one will attend or take your meetings seriously again.

Don’t Listen To Them

For a successful meeting, it is very important that all members of the meeting voice their opinions. Based on which, a conclusion is derived. But for an unproductive meeting, you need to dominate the show, without giving anyone a chance to speak.

But, if you want to have a successful meeting, you need to do the exact opposite of the aforementioned pointers. Meetings are extremely useful and helpful, if utilised properly. So, book a nice conference hall in Mumbai, prepare thoroughly, keep it short and simple, and let everyone be a part of the meeting. After all, the best ideas come when the best minds are together!