A Better Way To Work

Reimagine your first office-client experience with our latest comedic campaign, a Better Way To Work.

Work-Life Reimagined

What images come to mind when you think about “going to work" or “the office"? Do images of a mundane, drab and inconducive environment come to mind? Or perhaps you think of an open-plan office with multiple desks. While our vision for the office may differ from culture to culture, one thing is clear, flexible working and having more options for where and how we work has become a viable way to work since the pandemic. In fact, with the future of work and rising talent now demanding more choices, businesses are beginning to invest and restructure their corporate real estate strategies and human resources to incorporate more flexible workspaces like ours at The Executive Centre. The Better Way To Work campaign is a comedic introduction to our strengths as Asia Pacific's leading provider of Premium Flexible Workspace compared to the traditional, inflexible, direct-leased offices.

A Better Way To Work

The Storyline

The storyline follows Ryan, a proud Member of The Executive Centre. He reminisces in horror his time struggling to maintain a professional front when meeting clients in his old office space.

We find through narration that before joining TEC, Ryan's business's old office space has not been as presentable, well connected infrastructurally and resourceful.

Ryan shudders to reflect upon his experience operating out of his old traditional office space.

Taking out a direct lease from a landlord meant inflexibility of scale, a lacking spirit of community and poor fit-outs as a means of keeping CAPEX costs down.

Ryan's story is representative of the traditional pain points that entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals today who often face pressures to scale up or down rapidly in response to the changing global market but are unable to due to the inflexibility and expense of taking out a long term fixed lease.

This campaign, therefore, contrasts the strengths of The Executive Centre with the weaknesses of a traditional office lease in a comedic manner and highlights six key offerings that make The Executive Centre the leading premium flexible workspace provider in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East for over 28 years.

The six mini-social shorts revolved around specific pain points and will be rolled out across YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram throughout July and August 2022.

About The Campaign

Over the last three decades, we've seen how global events such as the global financial crisis and pandemic outbreaks can cause a ripple effect in the corporate real estate market. Often in the past, when uncertainty rises in the global outlook, businesses turn to flexible real estate for more temporary mobility and agility to scale. However, due to the global work-from-home experiment, we've seen an increased uptake of flexible workspaces as part of business strategies. For example, Standard Chartered Bank and Workiva have actively incorporated flexible working into their corporate real estate portfolios as a permanent and strategic fixture. For many businesses adopting a premium flexible workspace isn't just a better way to work; it's the intelligent way to work. Giving the workforce more options and control over where they can work is becoming an asset to recruiting and retaining top talent.

As a premium flexible workspace provider, our goal for over 28 years has been to provide luxurious Private Offices, Coworking Spaces, Virtual Offices, Meeting Rooms, and Event Spaces as a cost-efficient pathway and service for businesses across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

We understand the importance of professionals maintaining a reputation when meeting a client for the first time or remotely working abroad. We believe the future of work is flexible and that businesses of all scales and sizes desire agility and security upon entering prime Grade A buildings.