Growing Globally: How Our GAM Team Can Facilitate Your Expansion

Every business wants to grow, and we want to develop a partnership to simplify your expansion.

We recently announced the formation of our Global Account Management Team. Here’s how they will be working with members to create new opportunities for a simplified growth strategy. There are any number of reasons that a business would want or need to grow, indeed expansion is probably one of the most fundamental markers of success. This said, in a world where globalisation is ubiquitous, the process may not be as clear-cut as we would like to assume. As part of our commitment to our members, our restructured Global Account Management (GAM) Team, led by Nidhi Marwah will aim to deliver a truly integrated service across our entire network. Nidhi and the GAM Team will be supporting growth opportunities by ensuring seamless support across centres, cities and countries.

What Is GAM?

For any successful enterprise, growth is inevitable and our GAM Team are able to leverage their deep knowledge of our network to simplify what can be a slow or frustrating process. The key function of this specialised team is to establish a single point of contact, simplifying communication and allowing TEC to play a meaningful role in the strategic planning and expansion plans of our members. We understand the need for a consistent, high-quality service that addresses the unique challenges faced by our multinational members, and our GAM Team have been carefully selected for their expert understanding of regional and global opportunities.

Grow Globally

For smaller organisations looking to develop a presence in new markets, our GAM Team are also able to offer consistency, support and a simplified approach to global business. Given the constant advances in communication, technology and the proliferation of global products, globalisation has, in essence, created a single, and virtually borderless marketplace. Expanding into new markets is a risk-diversification strategy that also allows you to capitalise on the unique geographic advantages of a new location. For both product and service industries, localisation is also made much more straightforward by an expanded base of operation. Consider too the increased access to a diverse talent pool, exposure to foreign investment opportunities and new revenue potential that comes with multinational expansion. With the support of our GAM Team, a well designed and supported growth strategy can become a simplified value accelerator.

A Productive Partnership

One of the key objectives we have in establishing our GAM Team is to foster real and meaningful partnerships with both new and existing members. As GAM Manager Nidhi Marwahl explains, “It is great to have a platform which will enable us at TEC to deliver optimal space solutions across the world. I am looking forward to integrating member expectation with service excellence to deliver a truly integrated and highly specialised service to grow your business.” Nidhi and her team act as a single point of contact, leveraging local and global expertise and sharing opportunities for your growth.

Next Steps

If you are ready to start thinking about expansion opportunities, we would encourage you to reach out to any of our GAM Team to discuss how we can offer strategic support. Our GAM contacts are located across our network and each of these individuals is well placed to offer highly specialised support. Both Nidhi and Wendy can help direct your inquiry to the right person.

Nidhi Marwah | Managing Director - Global Account Management | nidhi_marwah@executivecentre.com