Meeting Rooms In Sydney

Experience the best in business

Experience the best in business

Host Your Next Meeting in the Heart of Sydney

The Executive Centre’s Conference Room is famed for its high-end interior design and cutting-edge technology which gives a lasting impression on your presentation. Our first-class professional on-site team of Engagement Associates are also here to support your meetings at all times. Additional services such as catering and refreshments are also available upon request to ensure you have everything required to run a successful meeting.

We pride ourselves on being people-centric, putting the needs and demand of our Members first. In addition to an exceptional office environment, the approach for our Community is to be inclusive, encouraging collaboration with an exclusive online forum and offline events. Flagship Centres are located across our global network, and our Members have exclusive access to Australia and Asia’s most innovative and impressive workspaces.

Sydney Conference Rooms

We understand the corporate mindset. The subtle nuances which distinguish the good from the great, that’s part of our signature experience. Whether you are an established company or just getting your business started, The Executive Centre’s Conference and Meeting Rooms provide total privacy and an impressive set up that every organisation can benefit from. Integrated digital and physical ecosystems mean your next conference or meeting is mere clicks away.

Along with our Conference Rooms in Sydney, we also have Serviced Offices, Coworking Spaces and Virtual Offices. Contact us to discover what working at The Executive Centre is like and find Your Space For Success.