TEC Community Report

Our Global Community Team walk us through all the recent happenings in our Centres in the first of our new quarterly report series.

The Executive Centre Community serves our more than 25,000 members in 14 countries across 32 cities and 135 locations through offering global events, Member benefits, B2B matchmaking and O2O engagement through the Community Forum and Mobile APP. In the first edition of our new quarterly report, the Global Community Team share highlights from recent happening in all markets, recap special initiatives and share some exciting news on what the future holds for our Community.


This workshop in Shanghai gave Members an insight into how to correct their posture at work and how to manage the risks of air pollution.

Launching the Global Wellness Series

At TEC, we are committed to supporting our Members in every aspect of their work, and we are proud to announce the launch of our global wellness series. We look forward to sharing the details of special monthly events designed to promote optimal wellbeing at work and beyond. We designed the wellness series to offer programs to Members according to a predetermined global monthly theme. The variety of themes will ensure we cover all areas of wellness in terms of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

  • July & August – Self-care essentials
  • September & October – Caring For People Around You
  • November & December – Giving Back to the Community

Some of the events that have taken place across our network include:

  • Shanghai -Workplace Wellness: Vertebra Health & Air Quality - This was an opportunity to discuss problems regarding spinal health and posture at work, as well as how to avoid and treat problems that occur with your vertebra. The event also covered details on how cleaner air can lead to greater workplace productivity, the primary factors that contribute to indoor air pollution and how to effectively improve the air quality in your office.
  • Seoul - Wellness Wednesday: Chair Yoga Class - Yoga is an excellent way to stretch, reduce stress and help build strength and balance – all while supporting your productivity at work. This session was designed to help our Members find a moment of calm with light movement in what can otherwise be a stressful and sedentary work day.
  • Melbourne - Joining Together For R U OK? Day - RUOK is a suicide prevention charity in Australia, reminding people that having meaningful conversations with mates and loved ones could save lives. This was an opportunity to connect with Members and remind them of the importance of having a solid support system at work.
  • Hong Kong -Wellness Series: Chiropractic Workshop - This workshop explained how the body works based on modern medical science, what the correct posture is for sitting, standing and sleeping, and what exercises can help improve spinal health.
  • Pune - Free Medical Check Up By Healthspring - This community event offered Members the chance to connect with physicians for complimentary tests to determined blood pressure, BMI, heart rate and oxygen saturation, a dental check up and more.

Chair yoga in Seoul was one of the events held as part of our Global Wellness initiative.

Event Highlights Between June and September

The Global and Community Teams continue to work with strategic partners that can deliver high-quality content and experiences to our Members. These are just some of the recent events that we've hosted, some with external partners and all of which are designed to deliver an elevated and exceptional experience for our Members.


Free health checks in Pune ensure our Members have the opportunity to prioritise their physical wellbeing even when maintaining a busy work schedule.

Driving Community Development With Members and Partners

In addition to external partners, we collaborate regularly with our Members to host events. Through our Community platform, we are able to promote their businesses, helping them develop new opportunities while also providing market information to participants. Collaboration with Members is a chance to share and showcase their experience.

In addition to developing events, we also offer exclusive Member benefits, some with external partners and others with our Members. These include:

  • Travelzoo – Travel and lifestyle discounts available globally
  • KLOOK – This Member company offers travel discounts
  • Uber - Exclusive benefits for TEC Community Members in India
  • Home Hotel – Exclusive discounts on hotel room bookings
  • Four Seasons Pudong – F&B discounts for our Members in Shanghai

Bloomberg Day held at our Three Garden Road Centre in Hong Kong was a successful opportunity to connect Members with one of the most reputable sources of information relied upon by businesses all over the world.

What to Expect from our Community Going Forward?

In the last few months of 2019, we will wrap up our Global Wellness series with events designed to inspire ways to give back and care for those around us. These will include CSR initiatives like blood drives and volunteer work. We will also be rolling our special Member Orientation events at different centres to introduce Members to all facets of our TEC Community. These personal sessions are a chance to share more about the services we offer our including current events and promotional opportunities. We will also share details on how to use the TEC Mobile App and how to access the online forum.

Special Events Open to the Public

We are delighted to announce that we are opening some of our events to non-Members. They are welcome to register via the links below:


The Jabra product showcase held in Ho Chi Minh City coincided with Mid Autumn celebrations for our Members.

How to Access the Online Forum

Contact your local Engagement team for access or login here.

If you or your organisation is interested in working with our TEC Community as an event speaker or Member benefit partner, please contact us at globalcommunity@executivecentre.com