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Discover the vibrant fabric of India. Made up of over 1.2 billion people dispersed through 29 different states and 7 union territories; each with their own language and cultural practices.

Soak up the colours, sights, and sounds that India has to offer. Revel in the festivities and celebrate its religious diversity. Learn to go with flow and it will prepare you for the unexpected.

Let India’s fast growing economy and industrialised status ignite your curiosity. Find your space for success at any one of our our Executive Centres across India’s major cities.

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Private Workspace

Imprint your identity and see your workspace come to life

  • Constant connectivity and reliable infrastructure
  • Tailor-made interiors that embody your business
  • Unparalleled assistance and expertise
  • Collaborate with industry leaders

Business Concierge

Move in and get started, your new workspace awaits

  • Expert company set-up and operational support
  • Expertly crafted IT solutions for your business
  • On-site administrative assistance and expertise
  • Seamless business transition

Virtual Office

Build your empire from anywhere in the world

  • Constant professional presence
  • Professional business and administrative services
  • Reduced overhead costs of a physical workspace
  • Connecting you to industry leaders
Starting from INR 2000


A flexible approach to work

  • Constant professional presence
  • Solutions designed to fit your needs
  • Purpose-led and thoughtfully designed
  • Facilitating connections with like-minded professionals
Starting from INR 750

Meeting & Conferences

Elevate your meetings, conferences, presentations, and events

  • Seamless connectivity
  • High-performance audio / visual technology
  • End-to-end on-site assistance
  • Custom layout and branding to suit your event

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