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Four Ways To Use The Apollo at AIA Central

The Apollo 20 is our newest installation at AIA Central built by Timothy Oulton Studios. It is the first in Hong Kong and 1 of 22 in the world, this exclusive TEC workspace is a must-visit attraction.

Date posted: 11 January, 2022

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In December 2021, we opened our final Centre of the year in Hong Kong – AIA Central. Unlike any other Hong Kong centres, AIA Central is the first to physically fuse art and design into a functional work environment. Not only did this Centre fully cement our position in Hong Kong as the leading premium flexible workspace provider with over 11 centres now operating in core business districts stretching from Central to Quarry Bay, but it also catapulted TEC into an exclusive global club that include individuals like celebrities, oligarchs, and royalty.

The Apollo Hong Kong

Known unofficially as “The Apollo Club”, AIA Central boasts an impressive avant-garde attraction and centrepiece – Timothy Oulton’s Apollo Capsule. At the time of writing this article, there are only 22 commissioned in the world and The Executive Centre’s Apollo 20 will be the first in Hong Kong and the first to be used in a corporate work environment. The Apollo is a luxury lounge consisting of polished stainless-steel, camel leather, alabaster and a customised Odeon pendant, all built to the same scale as NASA’ iconic and history-defining spacecraft the Apollo 11.
What is The Apollo?

Meticulously assembled by hand, piece by piece, The Apollo Hong Kong is made up of 8 panels built bottom-up over 9 hours. As a space within a space, the Apollo grants it’s hosts a one-of-a-kind unforgettable experience alongside unparalleled comfort and privacy. Take a look at the timelapse of the Apollo 20 being assembled at AIA Central below.

“TEC has always been the leader in commercial office design across APAC and we pride ourselves on constantly revamping the office space to provide the absolute best experience for our Members. We are honoured and delighted to be able to include the Apollo capsule in our AIA Central Centre. A beautifully designed and meticulously crafted artwork in itself, but also an inspiration for visitors to our Centre who would be reminded of the iconic moment it represents – when man achieved the impossible," said Paul Salnikow, our Founder and CEO.

Four Ways To Use The Apollo at AIA Central

Here are our top recommendations for different ways to use the Apollo 20 at AIA Central:

1. Use it for creative brainstorming sessions with your marketing team or with clients

What better way to plan a revolutionary marketing campaign than within a construct that turned the impossible into a reality.

2. Rent the whole lounge for an after-hours social mixer with exclusive VIP’s

Ensure your event is remembered indefinitely. With a plethora of event spaces in Hong Kong, harness the power of social media and let the Apollo 20 speak for itself as it expands your events reach across a myriad of platforms.

3. Use it for a photoshoot or film shoot

Chic and avant-garde craftsmanship are virtues associated with the arts. Allow your work to be further exemplified alongside gleaming steel and leather. With venues across Central and venues in Hong Kong Island, we invite you to peruse and select the perfect Centre for your upcoming campaign’s.

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4. Use it for a place to empty your headspace

While the Apollo 20 was not initially designed to be soundproofed, because of its leathering and funnel shape, the ambience inside is unlike any space we have at The Executive Centre. Whether it’s long-form writing you need to do, a comprehensive business plan to pitch, or a confidential call you need to take – The Apollo 20 guarantees not only optimal productivity but privacy.


Very much like its intended design, the sky really is the limit when it comes to our Members and our Apollo Capsule. Situated within a stone’s throw away from our engagement team, no request is too big or small when it comes to our Member’s needs. However, to ensure the longevity, allure, and quality of the Apollo for years to come, we have kindly asked attendees to limit their time inside the capsule to a maximum of 1 hour as well as prohibit the consumption of beverages excluding water within the space.

If you would like more information about the Apollo 20 capsule or our AIA Central Centre, feel free to contact us at