Let’s Grow Together: ESG At TEC

Discover how ESG values are incorporated into The Executive Centre in our first campaign of the year.

In many ways, Environmental, Social and Governance values have always been a part of our corporate values and DNA even before the term ‘ESG' was first coined in the landmark 2005 study.
Since our conception in 1994, we’ve had a “Member's-First" approach which has been instilled into every facet of our service, culture and business development. This concept drives how we design our centres to be ergonomic and welcoming; it provides a lens through which we choose our corporate partnerships and the professional programming we put on for our Community and Teammates, and crucially it pushes us to grow our network with sustainability in mind.

For us, ESG isn't just adhering to a checklist or following corporate trends and the zeitgeist but an essential part of what it means to build a “Space for Success", which is what we promise our Members. We believe our centres should empower our Members and Teammates to succeed as individuals and as a Community. Our spaces should be an environment that promotes productivity, wellness and wellbeing. Our designs and expansions must be eco-conscious and preserve what we have today for future generations – to be successful is to be sustainable. Finally, we see that the actions and initiatives we implement influence our internal ecosystems but set an example and roadmap that may inspire the systems of others across the globe.

Our Centres’ Impact On The Environment

In 2020, we formalised our commitment towards the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and established our ESG department to unite our ongoing efforts under one holistic strategy. You can download and read our Sustainability Strategy here.

From phasing out plastic bottles in 80% of our Centres to developing sustainable partnerships, here are a few of the many transformations we've implemented as well as statistics gathered across our global business.

The Executive Centre currently operates over 165+ Centres across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Each one is meticulously designed with longevity and sustainable as a primary factor. As of 2022, 62.5% of our Executive Centres are within Green Accredited sites and currently utilise more than 37,900m2 of carbon neutral carpets.


Additionally, our sustainability efforts extend into our in-house barista bars, with 81% of our Centres brewing sustainable coffee from Fairtrade approved suppliers.

Last but not least, we've partnered with One Tree Planted since 2021, to further accelerate our ESG initiatives and sustainability footprint. To date, we've managed to have over 100+ trees planted in our name.

Prioritising Our Members

As with all great successes and achievements, implementing Environmental, Social and Governance change into the real world will require a collaborative effort by us all - individuals and Member companies together.

As a Community of nearly 40,000 Members and Teammates worldwide, we empower our network to achieve a greater societal impact by amplifying their sustainability efforts and presenting more opportunities to learn, fundraise and collaborate.

Participating in ESG should not be solely dictated towards ‘Green' initiatives. As stated prior, our organisation set forth to cater to the 17 UNSDGs in 2020, covering pillars such as Good Health & Wellbeing and Reduced Inequalities. ( Discover our complete list of sustainability activities in our quarterly reports here )

In doing so, we've constantly strived to ensure our members' working environment is the optimal space for success, productivity and well-being. As part of our signature Private Office package we provide our Members with an award-winning ergonomic and sustainably made Aeron Chair by Herman Miller, and an award-winning height-adjustable standing desk from 9am. In addition our online Mental Health Directory that is accessible freely for our Members in the Forum here, starting May 1st 2022, all our Centres will have a certified first aid person on-site.

Fostering An Equal Environment

Diversity, inclusion, and equality have been instilled into our foundations from our very inception. More than just a flexible workspace provider, we are a multi-national multi-faceted family of over 1000+ individuals from 14 markets.

At The Executive Centre, our success is inherited not by individual actions or merits but rather through the combined efforts of every teammate currently serving. Our company is comprised of women who equate to 60% of our total workforce. Furthermore, these individuals also make up 58% of our senior leadership roles.

Providing a pathway for further education and new skills is essential for any growing company, as it not only boosts engagement but the retention of all teammates currently serving. Thus far we have recorded 1,923 man hours of training amongst our teammates with additional hours recorded from our Internal Mentorship Programme, a cross functional knowledge sharing initiative between juniors and seniors, consisting of over 100+ senior mentors.

“The Executive Centre successfully and seamlessly operates across fourteen countries, and thus multiple cultures, languages and racial mixes. For The Executive Centre, diversity and equality are not aspirational goals but engrained truths. It’s how we see the world." - Paul Salnikow, Founder & CEO.

Therefore, on June 22, 2021, our Corporate Director of Operations, Regional ESG Lead & Managing Director, Global Marketing & Communications came together on behalf of The Executive Centre to sign the Racial Diversity and Inclusion Charter for Employees by the Equal Opportunities Commission in Hong Kong.

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