Sydney Place Centre: More Than An Office

Discover how designing for humanity can make a commute worthwhile.

As the world moves past COVID-19 and as we celebrate “normality” in our routines, we must question if normal has a new definition. No travel restrictions or mandatory mask mandates, yet all corners of city life – while more alive than a year ago, are still far from our pre-pandemic norms.

Historically, pandemics have paved the way for innovation and have impacted the structure of social systems. Will this pandemic prove to have the same effect on the way we work? Our downtowns are still quiet; lunchtimes and weekday happy hours are slowly coming back to life but people are still reticent to return to the office if not required by their organisations.

Motivated to fill the gap and aid the reintroduction of the more traditional sense of work normality is Lendlease’s new iconic Salesforce Tower at 180 George Street. Standing proud as the tallest building in Sydney, this project sets out to answer the question, “How do we entice people away from their comfortable home offices and back into the city?”.

Salesforce Tower

In a never before seen partnership between the public and private sector, Salesforce Tower creates a sense of access by prioritising public spaces and seeking to be as inclusive as possible. Just a stone's throw away from the city's famous harbour, the modern new addition to the Sydney skyline acknowledges that people attract each other and wants to be an enabler of social interaction. While work might be the initial reason why people return, being a part of something bigger is what will make their journeys worthwhile.

So in this post-pandemic day where remote working in its many forms has proved successful, Salesforce Tower is reinventing Sydney and its surrounding precinct that forms part of Sydney's iconic Circular Quay. Designed to gather people with 24 new retailers, signature F&B destinations including Jacksons on George, and the first public plaza in decades located in the central business district, Salesforce Tower serves as a reminder of why the city is still relevant and enjoyable.

Sydney Place Centre

In a proud collaboration with Lendlease, TEC continues its efforts towards sustainability via Lendlease’s own ESG efforts while bringing client diversity to the building and inviting small businesses to be somewhere iconic.

Spanning over 23,000sq. ft on two floors, with jaw-dropping views of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, the new centre offers Members the chance to work in a flexible yet purposeful workspace which bridges the gap between home and office while also enjoying best-in-class development facilities post-work.

From modern Private Offices, Coworking Spaces to Virtual Offices, our Sydney Place Centre will empower your business to grow further with in-house expert company set-ups, operational support, IT solutions, admirative assistance and more.

Please contact us at communications@executivecentre.com to learn more about our Sydney Place Centre.