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The Advantages Of Coworking Solutions In The Era Of Hybrid Work

17 February, 2023

The Advantages Of Coworking Solutions In The Era Of Hybrid Work

Jim Hutchison on how financial companies and businesses can take advantage of coworking solutions in this new era of hybrid work

The History of Collaboration and Work

20 April, 2021

The History of Collaboration and Work

Learn about the history of the dedicated workplace – from its very earliest inceptions to where it is today.

Unlock The Freedom To Work From Anywhere

08 February, 2021

Unlock The Freedom To Work From Anywhere

Discover how to incorporate flexible workspace solutions like Coworking passes for your future of work and success.

TEC Blog 5 Ways To Work More Flexibly

20 March, 2020

Coping With Crisis | 5 Ways To Work More Flexibly

In adapting to the global landscape, we explore how corporates are implementing more versatile, agile and flexible work styles.

People working at Coworking space in Hong Kong Chinachem

25 September, 2019

How Can a Flexible Workspace Help Manage Risk?

Through periods of instability, TEC can confidently support businesses with flexible solutions that allow them to thrive in difficult conditions.

professional coffee machine at one of TEC business centres

07 August, 2019

A Cornerstone of Our Community: Social Spaces at Work 

Social spaces are part of the new future of work, but how can design inform the development of a community?


30 January, 2019

Global Trends that are Determining the Workplace of the Future 

Flexible space is a generating plenty of conversation about new ways of working, but demographic, cultural and corporate evolutions are the real agents of change at work. 

2018_12_5_Blog-Header (1)

05 December, 2018

The New Office Dictionary

As the professional environment evolves with technology, globalisation and demographic shifts, new ways of working bring new terminologies.

2018_11_2_Blog Header

02 November, 2018

A Growing Market: Shared Office Spaces in Dubai

Shared office space in Dubai is expected to grow in the coming years and many businesses are seeing shared space as a viable option and hassle-free solution.


29 March, 2018

China in Focus: A Regional Perspective On Coworking

Coworking has been hailed as a global trend, but how is this shift in workplace dynamics affecting the Chinese market?