5 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage Of TEC’s Newest Coworking Initiative

Discover why coworking is a smart investment for young adults, and how TEC’s under 28 coworking program can be the springboard for long-term success.

In a sea of ‘up and coming’ start-ups and brand sponsored social media posts coupled with rising inflation, stagnant employment rates and a global pandemic, finding a platform that is both cost efficient, premium, and allows your voice to be heard almost seems like an unobtainable pipe dream.

But what If we told you success can potentially be obtained without sacrificing decades of your adult life to get there. What if we told you about a space that promotes and spurs inclusivity, connection, productivity and more?

Introducing the Leaders of Tomorrow, an age specific monthly Coworking Space membership that aims to be a hub for success and growth for those under 28 years of age. Catered to young business professionals, the programme provides limitless possibilities for new graduates, entrepreneurs, academics, and everyone in between.

Currently the program is available in both Hong Kong (28 Stanley Street By TEC) and the Philippines (Ayala Triangle Gardens 2), here are reasons why you should join this programme.

Instant Recognition & Prestigious Location

We are recognised by some of the world’s biggest and leading multinational corporations in various industries as the leading service provider of premium flexible workspaces. This didn’t happen overnight for us, in fact, it took over 28 years of focussed attention on listening to our Member’s needs, staying up to date with the latest trends in real estate and hospitality, and continuously adapting and innovating our products. Even today, we continue to lead the premium Flex workspace across the Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Members who subscribe to the young leaders coworking initiative will be guaranteed access to one of our Grade A Coworking Spaces, giving them the chance to kickstart their business success.

Become A Part Of A 40,000+ Professional Community

Being an entrepreneur can be a daunting task, and sometimes you may feel lost or in need of some advice of conversation from a fellow peer. Well, by joining The Executive Centre you unlock access to our Coworking Lounges and Barista Bars which is where our Members gather in their free time to unwind, meet other like-minded professionals and potentially collaborate on new opportunities together.

Furthermore, to really connect our Members together and foster our Community, we have a dedicated team of event management professionals and community managers to create in-centre activities and seminars. Last year alone, our TEC Community™ hosted over 450 events virtually, in-person and hybrid that covered a smorgasbord of topics.

Join the Leaders of Tomorrow coworking program to get access to these events and opportunities.

Attractive Pricing Models for Young Adults

To help our leaders of tomorrow get the best footing for their businesses today, we are offering exclusive pricing models for individual young adults. These are deliberately discounted to specifically support young entrepreneurs and professionals with their endeavours.

Consisting of 3 graduate-friendly pricing models – Basic, Premium, Professional, each tier of Leaders of Tomorrow rewards Members with further discounts and services based on the duration of their subscription.

Premium Services & Facilities

Members of the Leaders of Tomorrow programme can take advantage of a myriad of services which include but are not limited to:

  • Premium Infrastructure & Facilities – Members are guaranteed unlimited access to a Grade A building space in a core business district which will provide premium services such as In-house baristas, open plan Coworking Spaces and the option to book meeting and conference rooms at preferential rates.
  • TEC Community™ Events –Members will have the opportunity to attend a plethora of community events that cover a broad range of industries that interest them.
  • Brand Exposure – Aspiring entrepreneurs who opt to join our programme are also given the opportunity to showcase their brand/product/company for a designated period within our TEC Centres
  • TEC Member Benefits – Members will have access to preferential rates and discounts across a wide range of products and services from TEC partners.

Graduation Programmes & Renumeration Incentives

You might be wondering what happens to Leaders of Tomorrow Members once they turn 28 years of age. To answer simply, nothing drastic. That’s because our systems will automatically relocate all Members to our graduate programme with a 10% increment in price year on year for three years, allowing you to continue enjoying our services and facilities before deciding on your next big move.

Additionally, attractive remuneration incentives are provided, allowing members to be rewarded through successfully utilising their connections.


Understandably, the reason for joining Leaders of Tomorrow will be different for every new member, however the end goal will always be the same. To succeed. To prosper.

Here at The Executive Centre, we’ve been pioneers in an industry that has existed for decades. The requirement for further accolades or praise is no longer needed. Our ethos for this initiative is simple, to aid the next generation, to invest in tomorrow’s future.

By providing all the necessary tools, facilities, services and more, we hope to kickstart a harmonious cycle, that not only inspires future CEOs to begin their journeys with us but also bridge an intangible gap between C-suite talent and junior working professionals – allowing them to work alongside one another, to mentor and be mentored.

Should you be interested in subscribing, please visit our Leaders of Tomorrow page here or email LOT@executivecentre.com