Coffee Chats With Our Baristas From TEC Australia

Following the success of our first Coffee Chat Interview, listen to the stories from our in-house baristas at TEC Australia.

Earlier this year we celebrated International Coffee Day by bringing our readers closer to our Hong Kong baristas through a series of personalised interviews with them.

Our questions covered topics such as their career paths that led them to TEC, the joys of their profession and how they foster relationships with our Members on an almost daily basis.

The piece was well received as it not only shared the importance of providing premium hospitality services in each of our Centres but showcased the dedication of our baristas in honing their craft to create pristine products that compliment an infinite number of Member preferences.

Take a look below to hear from our Baristas from the land down under and gain insights on what motivates them in delivering the best for the best.

Barista in Melbourne to offer professional coffee to office space members

How has your career path led you to TEC and how do you find the experience as a TEC Barista?

Takeshi Atsumi from Melbourne:

I've always loved coffee, and I became a barista five years ago after being impressed by Melbourne's coffee culture.

The TEC team trusts, respects, and helps me with my barista job. I want to live up to their expectations. It is very special to meet such TEC colleagues.

Everyone has different preferences. It's hard to keep track of everyone's tastes in a regular café. But at TEC, I make coffee for the same Members every day, so I can explore each Members coffee preferences.

I offer them the best coffee of their lives.

Philip Kim from Sydney:

My career has been a series of part-time jobs at various cafes, and I just happened to apply to an opening sometime back in 2017, and started at TEC in 2018. I spent a year abroad (where I also worked in a cafe, learning more with each job), then managed a cafe back in Sydney before coming back. The experience of being a TEC barista is fantastic because it really accentuates the best aspects of working in a cafe: good support from the team, a great community of clients/customers, and the right environment and circumstances which lets the baristas to get to know the customers.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

Coworking and Private office members enjoy premium coffee offered by Sydney's barista

Takeshi Atsumi from Melbourne:

I enjoy the fact that I can build a trusting relationship with the members through making drinks.
Of course, I am happy when they enjoy the coffee I make.

Philip Kim from Sydney:

To be completely honest, the best part of my job has always been making the coffee itself. From setting up the machine in the morning and calibrating each shot, to frothing and pouring the milk, it's something I am nowhere near close to mastering but enjoy the feeling of improving each day.

How do you foster good relationships with the Members?

Creative latte art created by TEC barista in Australia

Takeshi Atsumi from Melbourne:

Greet them with a smile.
I try to chat with Members when I'm not busy.
And I make and serve delicious coffee and drinks with love!

Philip Kim from Sydney:

I ensure that I talk with each of the Members who don't look too busy for a chat. I try to learn everyone's names and that helps in creating more conversation topics further down the line. I always appreciate when someone remembers my orders and name at the cafes I frequent, so I hope to provide that simple service myself. The rest of it follows from there.