Coworking Spaces: Promoting Symbiotic Relationship Among Professionals

The Executive Centre (TEC) creates a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs and like-minded professionals in Dubai gather in a coworking space.

Collaborating with a team is one of the biggest factors to company success as you get maximised efficiency and productivity when people are working together. More interaction and ideas often lead to more innovation which then can lead to a more profitable business. Environments with this kind of positive energy make coworking spaces a desirable workspace choice especially among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or start-ups.

Coworking isn’t a new concept. A Renaissance “Bottega” back in the 15th century have gathered innovators such as painters, engineers, and scientists to collaborate, learn, improve together under a single mentor. Just like an old era ‘coworking space’, it created environments that encouraged discussion among diverse talents, which resulted in the transformation of ideas into actions.

Today, people still get new ideas from collaborating and even from competing with others. A setting that brings different groups together and encourages interaction is exactly the type of environment that spurs entrepreneurial growth.

Opportunity to Network and Build Symbiotic Relationships:

Coworking spaces provide convergent points for entrepreneurs with different levels of experience, whether they are a beginner, intermediate, or an expert. If you are a member of a coworking space, you’ll always find yourself in a circumstance where you meet entrepreneurs who are a little ‘ahead’ of you in terms of experience and knowledge. It is safe to say that a coworking space is not just a workplace, but it is also a ‘business hub’ where you get to meet and relate with like-minded professionals. In this case, you are not just expanding your network, but you’re also allowing yourself to create long-lasting relationships.

A Place to Share Ideas:

Most times, we tend to get deeper insights and ideas on important issues through having a healthy discussion with others. Innovators get brain waves from having deep conversations with other like-minded individuals. This is another reason why being a part of a coworking space will greatly benefit you. As an entrepreneur, if you’re having problems or concerns with your company, you might get the solution you’ve been looking for from a fellow entrepreneur who you can meet at a coworking space.

Most cities and even smaller towns offer coworking spaces in an area where it is possible to gather entrepreneurs and like-minded professionals. Businesses, regardless of its nature or experience level, could benefit from discussion, collaboration, networking and learning opportunities that could be found in a coworking space. It is highly recommended to look at the options located in your area. The benefits are many, and such as the Bottega of Florence, the environment that a coworking space creates inspires innovation and collaboration.

If Florence had Bottega, then Dubai has The Executive Centre (TEC) where you can find a coworking space that promotes and encourages a collaborative environment .