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Networking and Coworking Spaces: Cultivating A Healthy Business Network

Networking fosters mutually beneficial relationships. Coworking spaces provide access to a diversified group of individuals with different skills coming from different backgrounds.

Date posted: 21 November, 2019

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Coworking spaces create an excellent opportunity for building healthy networks. In today’s society, whether you are from a massive enterprise, a startup owner, a digital nomad, or a budding freelancer, networking is requisite in expanding your business and work opportunities.

Networking fosters mutually beneficial relationships. Coworking spaces provide access to a diversified group of individuals with different skills coming from different backgrounds. This explains why a shared office space is ideal for networking.

Today, networking is often enabled by digital technologies and processes. With innovations in communication technology, the means of reaching out to people, building relationships and creating meaningful collaborations has never been easier. However, as humans, personal interactions are still important, and digital networking may at times feel isolating and insincere.

In a shared office space, the possibilities for networking are endless.

Exchanging Skills

Coworking spaces are perfect places to exchange skills and share ideas. You may be working on a new project which requires help in a particular field. The person who can lend a hand might just be sitting across from you. At the same time, you will be able to forge partnerships by sharing your skills with your coworkers. The exchange of skills and different competencies can open the doors to better work experiences and build partnerships that can generate increased profits for all parties.

Meaningful Collaborations

Part of a healthy business network is creating meaningful collaborations. Coworking spaces help facilitate this through encouraging support and equal participation in the community. To cultivate a healthy network, communication is key and coworking spaces do their part by providing a space for open communication. Collaboration should not be imposed on someone, rather it should be mutually beneficial.

Ultimately, the key to meaningful collaborations is acknowledgement, that is, knowing how to recognize the people who have helped you by giving them due credit. This is very common in shared office spaces where respect and reciprocation are highly valued.


Once you open the doors to a shared office, you will be met with different and unique individuals from varying industries and walks of life, each having their own networks as well. These individuals have encountered people from various sectors during the course of their careers. Meeting and getting to know them will help when it comes to broadening your own network.

The network you have built with your coworkers will enable you to tap into their networks as well. This can be a big help, especially for entrepreneurs that are just starting out and want to maximize all the resources they can to boost their businesses.

Generating Leads

Coworking spaces offer an opportunity for an individual to formulate a networking strategy to generate leads whilst cultivating meaningful collaborations. The key is to connect with the right people. Often, networking events are conducted at shared offices, and these are perfect avenues to generate leads. One tip is to make your goals as achievable as possible and maximize the resources provided by a coworking office space. Make sure to pitch yourself in a unique way and most importantly, seize the moment to gather as many contacts as possible.

There is no doubt that with the points mentioned above, coworking spaces can help to cultivate a healthy business network for anyone. Check out ourshared office spaces in Dubai that provide you with the right leverage and a diverse network, that will pave the way to your business success.