Why Do People Thrive In A Coworking Space: A Study

Unlike people who work from traditional offices, those who work in coworking spaces find their day-to-day more meaningful. Learn more about how people can thrive in a coworking space.

What makes coworking spaces special? When we look from the outside, it’s just a place of work for an assorted group of people who do different jobs, all from different industries. There are novices, specialists and consultants, freelancers and entrepreneurs and all sorts of people involved in running their own businesses. Even with such a varied workforce in a single office space, studies show that people working in coworking space in Dubai and across the world are thriving and performing much better than their counterparts working at regular office jobs.

This discovery sparked our curiosity, which is why we are now trying to decode the mystery of higher productivity among “coworking individuals”. Let’s start with our first question, what makes coworking spaces special? Let's take a look:

Perspective Matters

Unlike people who work from traditional offices, people working in co-working spaces find their work more meaningful and fulfilling. In a coworking space, there is little to no internal competition or office politics. Removing the distractions that take individuals away from their work actually gives them more time and better focus to invest in their jobs. Some of these individuals who work in a coworking space in Dubai told us that they have better peace of mind and a stronger sense of their abilities, meaning they push themselves to perform at their very best.

A Learning Ground

The next reason may come as something of a surprise, but Coworking spaces are genuine places of knowledge transfer. The working culture enjoyed by individuals in this closed space is nothing like what you have seen or experienced in a tradition office - it’s simply more knowledge oriented. People coming from different backgrounds with different experiences and expertise share and collaborate on work without inhibitions. If a coworker possesses a particular skill set that can help others, then he or she does just that. The coworking community works on the principle - “Sharing Empowers”

Community Living

People working in coworking spaces in Dubai feel that they are part of a community. People from different areas of work come together to work in a communal space and manage to co-exist through socializing and collaborative working. People in any coworking space would agree that their workplace has a unique vibe and this sets the tone for every individual working in the space.

However, this alternate place of work doesn't force socializing upon anyone. What sets coworking spaces apart from all traditional offices is the freedom and flexibility they offer to each and every individual working in there. If you are a person who’d work alone for most of your time, you are welcome to do so. So is your neighbour who grows and performs better through human interactions. A coworking space is a community where individuals can thrive by working in ways that support optimum performance

Better Control Over Your Work

Not everyone is an early bird who can come to the office at 9 in the morning, winding up their work by 6. Some people work better in shorter shifts, some work better in night shifts - it all comes down to personal preferences and individual goals. In a coworking space, you have all the freedom and flexibility to choose your working hours. Further, there are private office cubicles for people who prefer to work in solitude and collaborative workspaces for those seeking human interactions. Moreover, there is no hard and fast rule of getting to the office in time or getting to the office at all! A coworker can work from home to deal with sickness or personal matters. With better control over the job, an individual has more chances of being productive in a coworking space.

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