How To Build A Community

With events across our network, we're excited to report on the launch of #TECCommunity.

Our global community initiative is live following a series of events throughout our network. What can our members expect from their community going forward?

As you know, April 17 was a hugely important day for The Executive Centre and our members. With the launch of #TECCommunity, we set the agenda for a new and exciting chapter that will support our members with new ways to connect and collaborate. This undertaking was the result of over a year of hard work behind the scenes - from building the new app to establishing a global event calendar and everything in between. We're excited for what lies ahead as we see so much potential in the people that call TEC home. We are always receptive to your feedback, after all, this is your community and we want to ensure that you have the resources you need to succeed. During a busy first week, here's what happened throughout our network.

Details On Downloads

The new and improved TEC App is a cornerstone of our community initiative and will be fundamental in connecting members throughout our network. The app allows members to book meeting and conference spaces with ease, RSVP to events in any of our centres throughout the network and manage all their bookings simply and conveniently. We have had over 1,700 downloads since launch and this number is continuing to grow. We will also be donating US$1 to the Christina Noble Children's Foundation for every download made during this first week. We are honoured to be able to contribute to their incredible work supporting children in Vietnam and Mongolia.

Conversation Starter

TEC Forum is one of the most exciting components of our community initiative. Here members can connect and share information regardless of their location. Since launching the forum we have seen:

  • 700 topics and 4,000 posts created
  • 18'000 likes given and received
  • 10'000 user visits

The most popular content falls under Technology, Marketing & E-Commerce, Real Estate & Construction, HR& Education, and Travel & Lifestyle, while the most active regions include Greater China, India, Australia, and South Korea. If you want to join the conversations happening now you can set up your account here .

Event Highlights

We celebrated #TECCommunity with events in each of our centres. This was an important opportunity to share the details of our app, forum and continuing event series with members on a more personal level. Enjoy these snapshots of our launch, and we look forward to connecting at our next event.


^A great turnout in Taipei for the launch of #TECCommunity.


^Celebrating with all the necessities for a memorable event in Beijing at our Financial Street Centre.


^Our Global Community Director, Patsy Li leads an event in Shanghai, walking members through all the new benefits of belonging to The Executive Centre.


^More from Shanghai at our HKRI Taikoo Hui Center 2 where members are busy getting to know all the new functionalities of our app.


^In Tianjin, our launch event was an opportunity for members to get to know each other and learn about the ways that TEC will continue to facilitate opportunities for them to connect and collaborate.


^More from one of our Tianjin centres, Innovate Financial Building and their event celebrating #TECCommunity.


^In Bangalore, events were held at all of our centres. Here, the teams from Prestige Khoday Tower and UB City connect with members to demonstrate all of the special features of TEC Forum.


^In Brisbane at our One One One Eagle Stree Centre, the team showcases the potential of the app, forum and ongoing event series.


^In Tokyo, at Jingumae Tower Building refreshments are served and the team is on hand to demonstrate all the new functionalities of our app.