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How to choose a Meeting Room_Guide_header

06 August, 2020

A Guide on Choosing a Meeting or Conference Room

Spaces like Meeting and Conference Rooms can play a key role in ensuring you leave a lasting, impactful, positive impression with your clients.

People working at Coworking space in Hong Kong Chinachem

25 September, 2019

How Can a Flexible Workspace Help Manage Risk?

Through periods of instability, TEC can confidently support businesses with flexible solutions that allow them to thrive in difficult conditions.


25 April, 2019

How To: Use MyTEC

Everything you need to know to begin using our new Member portal.

Conference Room Etiquette For Coworkers

14 February, 2019

Conference Room Etiquette For Coworkers

In this post, we’re looking at 5 fundamental behaviours you should follow when using a meeting room in a coworking space.

How To: Champion Professional Meetings

23 November, 2018

How To: Champion Professional Meetings

A meeting is important especially when you’re starting to grow your business. Learn how to champion professional meetings with professional meeting rooms in Dubai.