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Serviced Offices: Why You Need One as a Startup Founder

Serviced office spaces in Dubai are a helpful solution that can benefit startups. These offices provide startup organisations with more freedom and the flexibility to scale as needed, allowing them to grow with a limited budget.

Date posted: 30 January, 2019

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A startup often begins with a unique idea that is passionately grown and developed into something more. As the organization develops into an entity of its own, there may be a lot of operational issues due to limited infrastructure. Even when a startup entrepreneur is not quite in a position to own his or her own office space, it is important that they find a solution that gives the business legitimacy. Serviced office spaces in Dubai are a helpful solution in aiding startups. These offices provide better freedom and flexibility allowing entrepreneurs to test their ideas and grow a team, all with a limited budget.


Serviced office spaces in Dubai come furnished with internet, phone services, furniture and even with facilities like a common printer, scanner and meeting rooms. So why should you try a serviced office space to run your business? Well, here are four justifications to help you decide:


Freedom and Flexibility

As a new entrepreneur, there are a lot of things that need your attention. With a serviced office at your disposal rest easy knowing you have one less thing to worry about. Most standard office rental terms involve long term leases with big deposits and legal fees. With a limited or almost non-existent budget, it is essentially impossible to secure t a traditional office space. A serviced office space in Dubai is ideal for short term options.

With a serviced office you can easily upsize or downsize according to your organizational needs. With the right service office provider, you can even move your business across different location within a country or overseas.


Great Facilities and Amenities

When you lease or buy your own office space, there is still the daunting task of furnishing and outfitting. This includes everything from the basic necessities like tables and chairs to the smaller joys like a coffee machine and framed artworks.

These demands can exceed your budget and are really not suitable for early-stage startups. With serviced office providers in Dubai, you can have a well maintained and state-of-the-art office that is perfect for your organisation. And yes, that coffee machine is included!


A Prestigious Address

Having your office at a prestigious address is one of the perks of taking a serviced office space in Dubai. Serviced offices primarily offer a space in business centres and iconic parts of the city. As one of the tenants at one of these exceptional locations, the address (and basic costs) will be shared with others while everyone enjoys the many benefits.


Networking and Collaboration

When you opt for a serviced office, you will be sharing and reaping the benefits of the facilities with like-minded individuals and organizations. You will have many opportunities to connect with and interact with a professional network, which can help you make new connections and grow your startup. If all goes well, chances for business development are much higher in shared offices.

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