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Our Guide To Taipei

11 May, 2023

Our Guide To Taipei

Discover some of our top suggestions for professionals headed to the modern metropolis of Taipei, Taiwan.

Professionals in a discussion

03 February, 2023

Build Yourself For Success

Learn how to build yourself for success by developing your mindset, attitude, and soft skills.

How does your Desk Layout affect your productivity?

02 November, 2022

How Does Your Desk Layout Affect Your Productivity?

From colour and storage to everything in between, here are some quick tips to ensure your desk set up allows you to work most productively.

A TEC centre workplace with pink colour design

16 May, 2022

How To Use Colour In The Workplace

It’s no surprise that different colours influence different moods and behaviours. However, with so much of our time spent in the office, is your workplace designed effectively for productivity and collaboration?

A green wall inside The Executive Centre

07 April, 2022

Let’s Grow Together: ESG At TEC

Discover how ESG values are incorporated into The Executive Centre in our first campaign of the year.

TEC Blog Dealing With A Global Health Crisis

04 March, 2020

Dealing With A Global Health Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has deeply impacted businesses across Asia and beyond. Discover what we have put in place to ensure the hygiene of our workspace.

professional coffee machine at one of TEC business centres

07 August, 2019

A Cornerstone of Our Community: Social Spaces at Work 

Social spaces are part of the new future of work, but how can design inform the development of a community?

2018_12_5_Blog-Header (1)

05 December, 2018

The New Office Dictionary

As the professional environment evolves with technology, globalisation and demographic shifts, new ways of working bring new terminologies.

2018_11_28_Blog Header_01

28 November, 2018

Sitting Down on the Job: The Standing Revolution

As conversations about wellbeing at work prominence, standing desks become increasingly mainstream and bring positive impact to our working style.

How To Curate Your Desk Space

13 September, 2018

How To: Curate Your Desk Space

Ownership of a workspace impacts not only baseline productivity, but also efficiency and satisfaction levels. Here’s how to make the most of your space.

The Art & Science of Design

10 September, 2018

The Art & Science of Design: Wellness, Ergonomics and the Conscious Workspace

Exploring the art and science of design, and the importance of human-centred design solutions via our partnership with Herman Miller.

2018_9_7_Blog Header

06 September, 2018

TEC x Herman Miller: How To Sit in a Chair

Most of us spend on average 8 hours a day sitting in a chair, and this sedentary behaviour impacts productivity, mood and general wellbeing.

The Art & Science of Design

04 September, 2018

The Art & Science of Design: The Impact of Technology on Productivity

Exploring the art and science of design and the impact of smart technology on productivity via our partnership with 9AM.


10 April, 2018

Active April: Wellness At Work

Making healthier choices at work is easier than you might expect.


23 March, 2018

Finding Focus And Staying Motivated

Advice from the experts on making the most of your workday.