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Conference Room Etiquette For Coworkers

In this post, we’re looking at 5 fundamental behaviours you should follow when using a meeting room in a coworking space.

Date posted: 14 February, 2019

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Unlike a traditional and personal workspace, a conference room is a shared space. As such, you should use it in a manner that shows a regard for your fellow coworkers

In this post we will be looking at the etiquette and behaviour you should follow when using a meeting room in a coworking office.

These are the basic behaviours to follow when using a coworking conference room:

Clean As You Go

Would you be happy to walk into a conference room with a client only to be greeted by empty coffee cups, paper plates, and napkins? Nobody wants to be in this situation and you shouldn’t force this on your fellow coworkers.

At The Executive Centre, it is our responsibility to make sure that the coworking facilities are kept clean at all times. However, as a coworker, courtesy dictates that you keep the facilities as clean as possible. The next person to use the conference room may not have the time to wait for the staff to tidy up once you leave.

Book the Space Ahead of Time and Stick to the Schedule

If you have scheduled a meeting with a client, it is important that you book your meeting space ahead of time. Do not assume that a meeting room will be available when you want it.

Secondly, when you book a meeting for one hour, it is your responsibility to keep your meeting within the stipulated time and make sure every attendee is out of the meeting room on time. This is important because another coworker may have booked the space and will have their own schedule to keep.

Cancel Early if There is a Need to Reschedule

Just as it is important to book early, it is also important to cancel and re-book with plenty of notice. This will ensure the meeting room is available for other coworkers who may have rescheduled their meetings because of you.

Be Thoughtful and Considerate

One good thing about coworking spaces is that networking opportunities abound. While it is your right to utilize any of the conference rooms that are available at the time of your booking, you should try to think of others before making your decision.

If you are to have a meeting with 5 people, it wouldn’t make sense occupying the largest meeting room just because you can. Opting for a smaller conference room will make the larger one available to anyone who may need it to host a bigger group

Close the Door There are many reasons to close the door during a meeting. First of all, if the meeting is of a sensitive nature and you will be discussing confidential information, you should close the door to prevent others from hearing the discussion.

It may also be that you do not want people interrupting the meeting by entering the space. The conversation from the meeting room can also be a source of distraction to other coworkers. In general, it is necessary to shut the door before starting the meeting.

As you can see, these are not hard rules to follow. It comes down to practicing good manners and showing respect for others.

At The Executive Centre, we encourage our community members to follow these simple steps as it helps prevent unnecessary conflict and frustration. In fact, good office manners can help you build a strong relationship with other professionals in your coworking community.