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Cost-effective Server Colocation Solution

Having robust data-hosting and server rental infrastructure in today’s world of work is paramount for enterprises to scale growth and incorporate hybrid work models. Mini Data Centres at TEC are a cost-effective server colocation solution for businesses to host network equipment, firewalls, circuits and servers in our specialised data centre rooms. Our Mini Data Centres are in 33 central business districts across the Asia Pacific and the Middle East to provide ample choice and accessibility for dedicated server rental.

Server Rack Rental – Plan Options

Deploy and manage your infrastructure in our top-grade Mini Data Centres. Our server colocation service employs data centres located in prime locations in Indonesia.



Monthly Rental

1U (Minimum 2U)

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¼ Rack (10U)

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½ Rack (20U)

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Full Rack (42U)

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Locks for added security
Compressive CCTV security
Environmental monitoring and alert system
Water leak & flooding detection system
Around the clock cooling system
Cold aisle containment
Temperature & humidity monitoring system
IT remote support service*


*Additional charge is required.

server room with standard fit-out

Additional Services

The following services are also available upon request:

  • Shared, or Dedicated bandwidth and isolated Internet uplink subscription with backup failover
  • Public IP Addresses subscription
  • Onsite IT support available within our TEC network in 33 cities
Server colocation service at TEC Mini Data Centre with security measures

Enjoy Peace of Mind with TEC’s Mini Data Centres

All of our Mini Data Centres are fully furnished compatible with standard servers and UPS systems from telecom-class brands such as Lenovo, Cisco and APC.

Our dedicated server rooms are maintained at sub-zero temperature, looked after with a fire-protection system and around the clock environment monitoring.

Server room with high security to safeguard clients' assets

Each rack and cabinet are secured with a key-lock, and only authorised users may enter our Mini Data Centre rooms.

Freedom of Choice
Our services are compatible with all major internet service providers so that Members are free to choose their desired network carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the server room 24/7?

No, Members of our Mini Data Centre will have to be accompanied by our TEC staff when entering the server room. Accessing the Mini Data Centre during off-working hours may come with an additional charge.

What’s the cost for the server rack rental service?

The charge of our Mini Data Centre plans varies depending on your location and specific business needs. Contact us for a customised quotation.