Who We Are & What We Do

We are showcasing our business at its very core: who we are and why we do, what we do.

Who We Are

At our most superficial, we are a flexible workspace provider. However, we are really solution to the evolving needs and demands of contemporary corporates . We see our Members as our partners, as like-minded equals in our mission to provide spaces that instills confidence and inspires brilliance. At TEC, your business is our business.

What We Do | Private Offices

The original of our ‘bread-and-butter’ offering, Private Offices are your space. Your space to work, to create a dynamic environment, to cultivate culture unique to your business. Ranging between a one-person and 150-person floorplate, we can help build customised office solutions, from managers suits, to internal meeting rooms. Being a part of a flexible workspace means that these Private Office plans are fully scalable , adapting to the natural ebbs-and-flows of any business.

What We Do | Coworking

A variant on a more collaborative style of working , many corporates are still exploring the real benefits that Coworking Spaces in one of our spaces presents. Having the ability to work in a more dynamic environment with professional networking opportunities often acts as a departure from the regular routine of the traditional nine-to-five. It is a form of productive disruption and can re-establish more creative or even focused workflows.

What We Do | Virtual Office

Our Virtual Office plans, sometimes referred to as remote working, are an essential for many businesses and entrepreneurs looking to establish a presence in new markets . Call answering and mail handling services maintain the day-to-day opportunities while providing access to a global network of professionals, aligned in ambition and parallel in purpose.

What We Do |Meeting Rooms

An observation, that 25 years’ experience in the industry has consistently reinforced, is that a meeting is intended to be one of two things; to be constructive or to be impressive. At The Executive Centre, our Meeting Rooms are designed with state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly connect people, communicate ideas and execute innovations. Our teams undergo constant service-leadership trainings to stay informed on best practices and provide necessary technical support. For a fully integrated experience, Meeting Rooms are bookable via the TEC App or through our dedicated in-Centre teams.

What We Do | Conferences & Events

We understand the value in professional development, in learning and in maintaining a level of curiosity. It is something also evident in our Members. Our spaces have been developed to cater events and conferences, offering an effective in-person platform for communicating ideas, skill-sharing or networking. We have hosted global event series with partners such as Herman Miller, worked with Members to develop their own workshops as well as hosted private dinners and lifestyle events. Conferences and Events with us, means having a built-in global community of like-minded professionals . Members can explore upcoming events as well at spaces available for booking, via the TEC App.

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