How To Maximise Your TEC Coworking Membership

Learn how to maximise your Coworking membership at TEC. From TEC amenities, to tricks on expanding your network, we list out the benefits of your membership today.
A bustling coworking lobby with members seated at tables and chairs, working and conversing

No matter if you’ve been a Member with us for a decade, or if you’re newly joining us today, learn how to maximise your TEC Coworking Membership to get the most out of your experience. From taking advantage of our flexible coworking lease terms as your business grows to staying up-to-date on our Centre events.

Familiarise Yourself to All City Locations

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Whether you have a city-specific Coworking Membership or a Global Membership, explore all the TEC Centres in your city to discover the quirks and advantages each one may provide. In Hong Kong, for example, we offer several Coworking Spaces available for Members to hop between and work at.

While some Centres such as AIA Central may offer the most picturesque sea view backdrop to meetings, other Centres including 28 Stanley may provide bigger Coworking Spaces with a wider variety of indoor and outdoor seating. Exploring and familiarising yourself with all our Coworking Spaces in your city will allow you to pick and choose the type of environment and facilities you need on the given day.

Flexible Workspace Terms

No one could have predicted Covid-19’s impact on the world. In just a few short weeks, offices were deserted and companies were stuck with paying unneeded rental agreements. Similarly, business success could also happen overnight, causing your team of one to grow exponentially in the blink of an eye.

TEC’s flexible workspace terms mean you can adjust your workspace according to your needs. Take advantage of our month-to-month contracts, which allow you to grow or shrink your office size and needs according to your business ambitions.

Explore Our Members-only Events

At a party, a woman draws from a bowl held by another as onlookers watch, narrated by a speaker

We host a variety of events on a monthly basis, from business networking events and talks offered by industry leaders, to wellness sessions to promote our Members’ health and wellbeing. These events are a great way to not only strengthen your skills and maintain your wellness, but also provide a casual environment for Members to organically network with like-minded business professionals.

Discover our Barista Menu

A man with a cup of coffee and newspaper at the bar, a barista is behind the counter

Our beloved in-house Barista Bars are a favourite for a reason. Available at all our flagship locations, our Barista Bars are looked after by experienced baristas, brewing fresh cups of coffees and teas whenever you need a caffeinated boost. Make use of our barista counters by trying the range of less-known beverages offered by our baristas. Did you know that we offer a city-exclusive drink menu where we donate part of the revenue to charity? Tasting good while doing good kills two birds with one stone.

Work as You Travel

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Coworking Members with a Global Pass are able to use TEC’s international Centres in over 30 cities. Whether you’re travelling to Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, or Abu Dhabi, take advantage of our premium Coworking Spaces wherever you travel. Our Centres are designed with the local environment and cultures in mind, which means each Centre has its own special design elements.

Expand Your Professional Network

A man sits at a table, using his phone to load MyTEC app, with a laptop and notebook beside him

As a Member, you get access to our online network of TEC Members through our MyTEC app. This database is a useful resource if you’re looking for potential business partners, mentors, or contractors. On top of that, our collaborative Coworking Spaces and Member Lounges are the perfect environment for meeting and chatting with people, widening your professional network organically. Download the MyTEC app for Android or Apple here.

Utilise Our Centre Facilities

A modern and sleek lobby and reception area with green plants and chic wooden accents in the space

Our design-forward lounge spaces are not only great for hot desking, they’re also a professional environment for coffee meetings. Most of our Centres are equipped with our in-house barista counter, not to mention looked after by our trusty team of receptionists and admin staff, further enhancing your meeting experience. Looking for something a little more private? Our Meeting Rooms are also available for rent at a discounted rate for our Members, which are perfect for meetings and conferences of all sizes.

If you’re looking for a space for events and functions, we also offer a range of Event Spaces for Members to choose from. As a Coworking Member, you’ll be able to enjoy our Event Spaces at a lowered rate as well.

With so many benefits that come with your Coworking Membership, we hope you can maximise and take full advantage of what we offer at The Executive Centre. If you’re looking for a Coworking Space, explore our Centre locations and discover the range of Coworking Memberships we offer. Ready to give our Coworking Spaces a try? Contact us here for a speedy set up and start your Membership today.