Is A Virtual Office The Right Choice For You?

Discover what is a Virtual Office and how can you enjoy the benefits of a Virtual Office package at The Executive Centre.

The changing professional landscape calls for changes in the way we do business. In today’s mobile world, a company no longer needs four walls to exist. Flexible working is the result of a diverse and increasingly mobile workforce. Upwards of 50% of our time is spent working, and the boundaries between work and life are blurred to the extent that for many, they no longer even exist. This means that satisfaction from our jobs and maintaining peak productivity is vital to ensure we live a well-rounded and healthy life. Flexible working has allowed us to make the most of the time we spend at work, creating a framework that means we can work anywhere, anyway and anytime.

Understanding Flexible Terminology

Flexible Working: This can mean working from home, remote work, division of time, collaborative working and more - it all falls under the ‘flexible’ umbrella. It is a result of shifting expectations that have determined the number of hours worked does not necessarily define productivity or quality of output, and that the office environment may not be the only place to support new ideas and exceptional work.

Remote Working: This specifically describes a decentralised working practice and is sometimes referred to as nomadic working. This style of working has become a mainstay in recent years, enthusiastically adopted by freelancers, entrepreneurs and parents, all of whom are seeking more flexible options. Spurred on by the emergence of new technologies and rapid globalisation, remote working means that there need be no compromise on the quality of work.

Virtual Office: For a virtual space, you do not have a physical office to work from. Instead, a monthly fee provides access to exclusive and vital business amenities such a physical business address, services like mail and fax handling, call answering and reception services. It is an asset particularly attuned to the needs of SME’s and companies who are not tied to a single location but are focused on the global potential of their business.

The Benefits

The benefits of a Virtual Office will vary between individuals and companies who use them. One of the main advantages are their ability to provide solutions to the challenges when scaling or growing a business. They are fully flexible and adaptive to the needs of users.

Cost-Effectiveness: For many organisations operating in a modern corporate landscape, physical space is not a primary concern. In a more traditional environment, capital expenditure would be dominated by office space overheads and maintenance fees. A Virtual Office means that organisations are able to invest more heavily in their core business.

Expansion: The flexibility that a Virtual Office provides means it is suited to any number of organisational types and individual work styles. Although most commonly leveraged by SME’s, companies wishing to expand are able to use Virtual Office packages to do so in a way that does not compromise their day-to-day operations. It becomes easier to scale a business efficiently when the worry of space and a fluctuating headcount is negated.

Job Satisfaction: Remote Working and a Virtual Office allows individuals to work on their own terms and in ways that suit them - great for achieving the ever elusive work-life balance.

Global Expectations: Globalisation means that many businesses are now focusing their efforts across multiple locations at the same time. Virtual Office packages allow for continuity, consistency and flexibility when communicating and travelling.

Time: Avoiding a commute not only saves time, but means you have the opportunity to use that time more effectively and without the need to compromise on the benefits that come with a landmark address.

What is Virtual Office at The Executive Centre?

Maintaining a constant professional presence is simple when supported by our Virtual Office packages. You can enjoy services such as call answering and mail handling, with TEC further providing access to the most prestigious office addresses across our expansive global network. This, coupled with exclusive access to events, Member rates on meeting rooms and exceptionally designed spaces can elevate your professional presence and give you the ability to work anywhere in the world.

  • Administrative details are managed by our expertly trained Engagement Team leaving you to focus on business priorities.
  • Mail-handling, call-handling and a dedicated phone line mean significantly less administration for both you and your team.
  • A Virtual Office gives your clients and employees a consistent experience, while you are afforded the time and flexibility to establish the best location and arrangement for your business.
  • Our network of professionals is unparalleled. We provide access to like-minded, ambitious individuals and opportunities that can help your business grow.

Find out more about our Virtual Office packages here or learn more about how to run your business address now.