How To Use TEC Forum

Everything you need to know to begin connecting with members throughout our network.

The Executive Centre Forum is a hugely exciting opportunity for our members to connect, interact and collaborate like never before.

With the launch of The Executive Centre Forum, we wanted to ensure our members are able to maximse the potential of this platform right away. TEC Forum is an exclusive member benefit and we hope that it will become a central part of our community. We see it as a place for members to come together to collaborate, debate and connect, a resource that is unique to The Executive Centre. The following short videos are intended as an introduction to the different functionalities of TEC forum and will walk you through everything you need to know, from setting up your profile to sharing your first post.

We look forward to continuing this conversation on TEC Forum.

An Introduction To TEC Forum:

A general introduction to the fundamentals of our community platform.

How To Create Your Profile On TEC Forum:

Set a profile image and basic details so that relevant contacts know who you are.

How To Post On TEC Forum:

Contribute and connect via different discussion boards tailored to interest, industry and region.