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The Executive Centre has created an environment that continues to evolve alongside our members, anticipating new ways that we can facilitate their growth and empower their success. As our global network continues to expand, we are always asking, what more can we offer, what else can we do?

Our member-centric approach foregrounds, above all else, our community. We want to foster connections between our growing membership, giving them opportunities to connect, share information and benefit from a robust event series across all of our locations.

The Executive Centre community manifests both online and offline. Each component is a unique opportunity to interact with an exclusive network of like-minded professionals. Offline, our event series is tailored for each market and includes expert roundtables, panel discussions, partners events, showcase opportunities and social gatherings. Online, TEC Forum is a unique opportunity that provides access to a collaborative and diverse network, intended to enhance our member experience by building and strengthening relationships within and across our network.

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