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Does Your Business Need A Blog?

15 March, 2023

Does Your Business Need A Blog?

Blogs aren’t only for influencers or recipe creators, they can also be a powerful tool for businesses to drive traffic, build relationships and increase revenue

How Burnout Affects You—And How To Manage It

08 March, 2023

How Burnout Affects You—And How To Manage It

Don’t let work stress rule your emotional state. We spoke with mental health experts to learn all about burnout and how you can recover from it

The Advantages Of Coworking Solutions In The Era Of Hybrid Work

17 February, 2023

The Advantages Of Coworking Solutions In The Era Of Hybrid Work

Jim Hutchison on how financial companies and businesses can take advantage of coworking solutions in this new era of hybrid work

Professionals in a discussion

03 February, 2023

Build Yourself For Success

Learn how to build yourself for success by developing your mindset, attitude, and soft skills.

How To Reinvigorate Corporate Workplace Strategies With Flex

15 November, 2022

How To Reinvigorate Corporate Workplace Strategies With Flex

Discover ways to bring flexible workplaces into existing corporate real estate portfolios and bolster resilience and adaptability.

How does your Desk Layout affect your productivity?

02 November, 2022

How Does Your Desk Layout Affect Your Productivity?

From colour and storage to everything in between, here are some quick tips to ensure your desk set up allows you to work most productively.

Introducing TEC Create: A Marketing Service for TEC Members

19 September, 2022

Introducing TEC Create: A Marketing Service for TEC Members

Save time and money knowing that your marketing collaterals are professionally produced by TEC’s very own marketing services.

Newest Coworking Initiative

24 August, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage Of TEC’s Newest Coworking Initiative

Discover why coworking is a smart investment for young adults, and how TEC’s under 28 coworking program can be the springboard for long-term success.

A TEC Member showing a better way to work by telling his business story

26 July, 2022

A Better Way To Work

Reimagine your first office-client experience with our latest comedic campaign, a Better Way To Work.

The Apollo at AIA Central in Hong Kong

20 June, 2022

Where Will You Go To Work Tomorrow?

Gain an up-to-date insight on trending workspace practices. From Activity-Based Working (ABW) to focused quiet rooms, it’s essential more than ever as we near ever closer to normalcy, to find the ideal workspace solution for you and your team.

Interviewing professionals to understand their experience with a flexible workspace

02 June, 2022

In Conversation With Our Members: Land Insight

At The Executive Centre, we aim to provide tailored made solutions to all our Members. The following blog explores our relationship with LandInsight, an environmental risk analysis company headquartered in our Barangaroo Centre.

A TEC centre workplace with pink colour design

16 May, 2022

How To Use Colour In The Workplace

It’s no surprise that different colours influence different moods and behaviours. However, with so much of our time spent in the office, is your workplace designed effectively for productivity and collaboration?

The 4th Anniversary of TEC Community

04 May, 2022

TEC Community™ Turns 4!

As we celebrate TEC Community™ reaching its 4-year milestone, let’s look back at some of the major achievements.

A green wall inside The Executive Centre

07 April, 2022

Let’s Grow Together: ESG At TEC

Discover how ESG values are incorporated into The Executive Centre in our first campaign of the year.

2022 International Women's Day with the #BreakTheBlas theme

11 March, 2022

International Women’s Day 2022

As a global organisation spanning Asia-Pacific, Australia and the Middle East, we dedicate time yearly to hear from our females about their experiences tackling gender equality in the workplace and breaking glass ceilings. Gender balance is integral to the future of work, and we remain committed to working towards equal opportunities for all genders and promoting diversity within our business, our markets, and beyond.

Erik Saito from Workiva Using TEC Office Space for work

15 February, 2022

In Conversation With Our Members: Workiva

At The Executive Centre, we aim to provide the most optimal solutions to all Members, both existing and new. We offer top-class hospitality, immaculate services, and premium office fittings. The following interview follows our most recent Member Success Story with Workiva.

The Apollo at AIA Central in Hong Kong

11 January, 2022

Four Ways To Use The Apollo at AIA Central

The Apollo 20 is our newest installation at AIA Central, designed by Timothy Oulton. The first in Hong Kong and 1 of 22 in the world, this exclusive space is a must-try for all our Members.

Professionally brewed coffee at Australia premium office space

21 December, 2021

Coffee Chats With Our Baristas From TEC Australia

Following the success of our first Coffee Chat Interview, listen to the stories from our in-house baristas at TEC Australia.

Our Guide To Dubai

24 November, 2021

Our Guide To Dubai

A shining beacon of prosperity, luxury and astonishing feats of ingenuity and innovation, Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Here are some of our top suggestions for professionals heading to the ‘city of gold’

The sustainability green office workspace in TEC

01 November, 2021

How To Make Your Business More Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Consumers are more conscious of the importance of sustainability than ever before. With the debate over climate change, sustainability and the environment taking precedent, here are ways you can make your business more sustainable & eco-friendly.

The Future of Work and Workplace Flexibility Is About Choice

20 October, 2021

The Future of Work and Workplace Flexibility Is About Choice

With the future of work in flux, discover how MNCs like Standard Chartered Bank are re-evaluating their business strategy.

Professionally brewed coffee at Hong Kong premium office space

05 October, 2021

Coffee Chats With Our Baristas From TEC HK

As we celebrate International Coffee Day, listen to the stories from our in-house baristas.

Famous scenery in Manila

09 September, 2021

Our Guide To Manila, Philippines

Our most recent addition to our global network, The Executive Centre Ayala Garden Two is located within a rich landscape deep in culture, vibrancy, and natural beauty. Here are some of our favourite attractions for professionals heading to the pearl of the orient.

The CEO of TEC having an interview during the World Entrepreneur Day

25 August, 2021

World Entrepreneur Day | A Q&A With Paul Salnikow

To celebrate World Entrepreneur Day, we sat down with our Founder & CEO to have him answer questions sent in from our followers.

TEC Interns cleaning up the beach in Hong Kong

02 August, 2021

The Value of An Internship Experience at The Executive Centre

We interviewed our 2021 interns to reflect on their experience working at TEC HQ for eight-weeks. Here are their perspectives:

The evolution of TEC's logo and visual branding

23 June, 2021

The Evolution And Message Behind TEC’s Logo And Branding

We interviewed our CEO & Founder on the evolution of our branding and the growth of The Executive Centre over the last 27 years.

Adjustable Standing Desks by 9am Header Image

18 June, 2021

Ergonomics at The Executive Centre x 9am

Ergonomics is about enhancing productivity and wellness at work, and our partnership with 9am’s workstations is an example of this in action.

Coworking Space Conversations

01 June, 2021

National Leave The Office Early Day Reflects A Shift In Workplace Culture

Learn about this peculiar holiday that sheds light on the benefits of adopting shorter workweeks and flexible work practices.

Flexible workspace at TEC

11 May, 2021

How Real Estate Is Evolving Towards The Hybrid Model

Flexible workspaces provide advantages to more than just individuals, discover how hybrid model is shaping up the commercial real estate industry.

The History of Collaboration and Work

20 April, 2021

The History of Collaboration and Work

Learn about the history of the dedicated workplace – from its very earliest inceptions to where it is today.

International Women’s Day 2021

18 March, 2021

International Women’s Day 2021

More than a workspace we are committed to creating spaces that uplift our Members. Women’s Day and Gender Equality has always been at the heart of our Community

TEC Enterprise Solution | Ericsson’s Experience

24 February, 2021

TEC Enterprise Solution | Ericsson’s Experience

Ericsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, headquartered in Sweden.

Unlock The Freedom To Work From Anywhere

08 February, 2021

Unlock The Freedom To Work From Anywhere

Discover how to incorporate flexible workspace solutions like Coworking passes for your future of work and success.


15 October, 2020

Flexible Working | Simple tips to stay motivated

Tips to help manage your daily work-life-balance as the Flexible Working trend becomes the new norm.


07 October, 2020

What Do Business Concierge Services Offer Companies?

Concierge services, in general, are highly beneficial to companies, and especially true for corporates given their operational size and scale.

Ultimate guide to select your serviced office

18 September, 2020

Your Ultimate Guide to Renting A Serviced Office

What key considerations do you need to keep in mind when choosing a new serviced office to house your business?

Flexible Workspaces at TEC

10 September, 2020

Why Flex? Consider This…

With today’s rapidly changing corporate environment, keeping up with your workplace has never been more important. Let’s see how Flex can help.


03 September, 2020

Our Financial Review | 1H20 Results

Our financial success despite the global crisis is an indication of changing corporate behaviour and increased value of flexibility.


17 August, 2020

The Era of TODs, CBDs and TEC

Transit-Oriented Design (TOD) is an exciting urban planning trend which maximises the best of residential, business and leisure space.

How to choose a Meeting Room_Guide_header

06 August, 2020

A Guide on Choosing a Meeting or Conference Room

Spaces like Meeting and Conference Rooms can play a key role in ensuring you leave a lasting, impactful, positive impression with your clients.


31 July, 2020

The Beginning of Our Sustainability Journey

As a leader in the flexible workspace industry, how do we sustainably operate over 3.03 million square feet of Executive Centres?

A business professional working at an office with city view

23 July, 2020

A Guide To Running A Virtual Office

Virtual Offices are a powerful product that can enhance your professional presence quickly and simply, learn more about the benefits here.


15 July, 2020

3 Things You Need To Know | Why The Office Must Change

From aggressive shifts in corporate values and priorities, here are 3 significant trends we observe that will impact our relationship with the office.


08 July, 2020

TEC Insights | The Business Sentiments of our Community

Discover the results of our recent survey and gain insights into the business sentiments and outlook for the future from our TEC Members.


02 July, 2020

Introducing Global Membership and Partnerships

Growing your professional presence and brand visibility made simple with The Executive Centre.


24 June, 2020

9 Lessons For Re-Introducing The Office

Getting ready for you and your team to get back to the office? Find out what we have learnt about the re-opening of the workplace, post-COVID-19.

TEC BLOG_header_Future of work

18 June, 2020

What is the Future of Work?

The way we work is changing, and as a result so are the spaces we work from. Discover what our CEO, Paul Salnikow, sees for the Future of Work.


28 May, 2020

The Flexible Workspace Trends Post COVID-19

As working-from-home has become the current “normal” working trend, how and will this flexible way of work continue post COVID-19?


06 April, 2020

Our Financial Review

Proven profitability. Sustainable strategy. Exceptional execution.

TEC Blog 5 Ways To Work More Flexibly

20 March, 2020

Coping With Crisis | 5 Ways To Work More Flexibly

In adapting to the global landscape, we explore how corporates are implementing more versatile, agile and flexible work styles.


17 March, 2020

Who We Are & What We Do

We are showcasing our business at its very core: who we are and why we do, what we do.

TEC Blog Jo Hay

13 March, 2020

Can a Professional Certified Coach Help Your Business?

Discover a service that can help you develop as a leader and high performer.

TEC Blog Our Gender Equality Statement

13 March, 2020

Our Gender Equality Statement

These are our women – A founding value of TEC has been to provide equal opportunities and a workplace that is representative of the wider communities in which we operate.

TEC Blog Dealing With A Global Health Crisis

04 March, 2020

Dealing With A Global Health Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has deeply impacted businesses across Asia and beyond. Discover what we have put in place to ensure the hygiene of our workspace.


15 January, 2020

Evolution in Business

Change is inevitable, and evolution is essential, how will you keep up?


08 January, 2020

Looking Forward: What to Expect from TEC in 2020

The future looks bright for TEC, and we’re excited to begin another year with renewed enthusiasm and plans for a busy 2020.


13 December, 2019

Reflecting on 2019: Our Year in Review

The last year has been both challenging and hugely rewarding. Thanks to everyone who made our journey possible.


06 December, 2019

Why a Mentorship Program Could Help Your Business Innovate

We’re helping our team grow and ultimately delivering better service to our Members thanks to a new Mentorship program.


13 November, 2019

Part One | Faces of TEC: Inside an Enterprise Solution

In this special instalment of our interview series, we meet Members who work from one of our Enterprise Solutions.

Enterprise Solution 2

13 November, 2019

Part Two | Faces of TEC: Inside an Enterprise Solution

In the second part of this special instalment of our interview series, we meet Members who work from one of our Enterprise Solutions.

TEC Blog World Mental Health Day

29 October, 2019

World Mental Health Day in Partnership with SVPHK

Reflecting on World Mental Health Day in Hong Kong and our corporate pledge with SVPHK.

TEC Blog Our Expansion Outlook Part 2

22 October, 2019

Our Expansion Outlook: Part 2

Given the tight availability of new office space in both core and gateway markets, flexible options have become a valuable solution for organisations that prioritise agility in terms of their corporate real estate portfolios.

TEC Blog Our Expansion

15 October, 2019

Sustainable. Profitable. Exceptional. Our Expansion Outlook: Part 1

Learn more about our expansion strategy that has helped propel our business forward over the last 25 years.

TEC Blog Faces of TEC Singapore

03 October, 2019

Faces of TEC: Singapore Edition

We meet some of the Members and TEC team from our Singapore community to learn about their business and their thoughts on an ideal workspace.

TEC Blog Community Report

30 September, 2019

TEC Community Report

Our Global Community Team walk us through all the recent happenings in our Centres in the first of our new quarterly report series.

People working at Coworking space in Hong Kong Chinachem

25 September, 2019

How Can a Flexible Workspace Help Manage Risk?

Through periods of instability, TEC can confidently support businesses with flexible solutions that allow them to thrive in difficult conditions.


18 September, 2019

Enterprise Solutions and the Evolving Flexible Workspace Market 

Our Development Director, Ricky Wells shares his thoughts on our new product offering, Enterprise Solutions and its ability to address unique challenges in the market.


04 September, 2019

Faces of TEC: Hong Kong Edition

In the second edition of our interview series, we meet some of the Members and TEC team from our Hong Kong community.


20 August, 2019

The Power of Creativity

How can organisations develop and leverage creativity in their teams to ensure future success and growth?


14 August, 2019

PropTech: How Will We Work in the Future?

Technology is changing the way we work for the better, but what is TEC doing to keep pace with changing times?

professional coffee machine at one of TEC business centres

07 August, 2019

A Cornerstone of Our Community: Social Spaces at Work 

Social spaces are part of the new future of work, but how can design inform the development of a community?


31 July, 2019

Faces of TEC: Shanghai Edition

In the first edition of our new interview series, we meet some of the Members from our Shanghai community.


24 July, 2019

An Intern’s Experience at The Executive Centre

We asked some of our 2019 interns to reflect on their experience following a 2-month rotation at TEC HQ.


17 July, 2019

What is an Enterprise Solution?

Enterprise Solutions give our corporate Members the opportunity to develop a fully bespoke space that anticipates a new future of work.


10 July, 2019

The Global Relevance and Impact of the Flexible Workspace Industry

Global Accounts Manager, Sebastian Stiles shares his perspective on the flexible workspace industry as it continues to evolve, changing both the way we do business and the way we serve Members


04 July, 2019

Celebrating 25 Years of TEC

In his own words, our Founder, CEO and Chairman, Paul Salnikow on 25 years of TEC.


19 June, 2019

Spotlight On: Japan

As we anticipate our first Centre opening in Yokohama, we are reflecting on our journey in Japan and our optimism for the future of these important cities.


18 June, 2019

In Conversation With TEC Member Leonardo Freitas of Hayman-Woodward

We spend some time getting to know one of our Members from Shanghai in this interview about global mobility and a future without borders.


06 June, 2019

Introducing TEC on WeChat

Given the ubiquity of WeChat in China, we are launching an official account to help our Members book space, make payments and join our community events.


29 May, 2019

Spotlight On: India

Our leadership team from India share their thoughts on market evolutions and plans for the future.


15 May, 2019

Evolutions in the Flexible Workspace Market: Taipei Spotlight

Taipei is an important market for TEC. How have the dynamics of this market shaped our community in the city?


08 May, 2019

Designing Flexibly to Support Industries and Individuals

How does TEC develop spaces that support the unique requirements of different industries and businesses?


02 May, 2019

Meet Our Seoul Leadership Team

Get to know our new leadership team in Seoul and hear about their exciting plans for the future.


02 May, 2019

Celebrating Seoul: The Future of TEC in South Korea

Seoul has always been an important market for TEC and we hear from our CEO and Chairman on the future of the business in South Korea.


25 April, 2019

How To: Use MyTEC

Everything you need to know to begin using our new Member portal.


17 April, 2019

Celebrating One Year of TEC Community

On the first anniversary of TEC Community, what can our Members expect going forward?


10 April, 2019

Global Member Network: The Future of Work

How do Members experience The Executive Centre? We speak to our community in Sydney.


04 April, 2019

Is A Virtual Office The Right Choice For You?

Discover what is a Virtual Office and how can you enjoy the benefits of a Virtual Office package at The Executive Centre.


03 April, 2019

Open Plan Design: What Have We Learned?

A collaborative ecosystem or a deeply flawed design practice? We’re exploring the nuances of open plan workspaces.


27 March, 2019

Art At Work

How can art shape our experience at work? It’s ‘Arts Month’ in Hong Kong and we’re feeling inspired.


19 March, 2019

How To: Build Your Professional Profile

Balancing online and offline opportunities can be the best way to successfully develop a professional profile.


13 March, 2019

Creating Memorable Experiences at Work

We talked to our team member to learn about her thoughts on the future of work, and the challenges and opportunities for the flexible workspace.


11 March, 2019

In Conversation With TEC Member Ernesto Borge of GSI China

We spend some time getting to know one of our Members from Shanghai in this interview about automated security, the future of work and the challenges of establishing a business presence in China.


06 March, 2019

Balance For Better: Celebrating International Women’s Day with TEC

In celebration of International Women’s Day we asked some of our Managing Directors about their experiences navigating the corporate landscape.


27 February, 2019

Finding New Opportunities Through Shared Value

Shared Value can present new opportunities for businesses of all types and TEC is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities of this journey.


13 February, 2019

Maintaining a Balanced Diet and a Busy Schedule

Practical advice on maintaining good nutrition when you have a busy schedule to manage.


30 January, 2019

Global Trends that are Determining the Workplace of the Future 

Flexible space is a generating plenty of conversation about new ways of working, but demographic, cultural and corporate evolutions are the real agents of change at work. 


23 January, 2019

Design Evolution: A New Chinese Aesthetic

A shift in ideology, a growing middle class and a willingness to embrace technology are changing the look and feel of workspaces in China.


16 January, 2019

Learning From Our Members: What We’re Looking Forward to in 2019

Here’s what we learned from Members in 2018 and how we will be tailoring our approach in 2019.


09 January, 2019

Our Guide to Chengdu

Here are some of our favourite spots for working lunches, weekend wanderings and more in a city that delivers a whole lot more than pandas.

2018_12_19_Blog header

19 December, 2018

2018 at TEC: Our Year in Review

As the year comes to a close, we are taking time to reflect on what has been a busy 12 months of growth, connection and collaboration.

2018_12_12_Blog Header

12 December, 2018

The Power of Doing Good

Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, has historically been an avenue for organisations to interact with and display a concern for issues that impact their customer base.

2018_12_5_Blog-Header (1)

05 December, 2018

The New Office Dictionary

As the professional environment evolves with technology, globalisation and demographic shifts, new ways of working bring new terminologies.

2018_11_28_Blog Header_01

28 November, 2018

Sitting Down on the Job: The Standing Revolution

As conversations about wellbeing at work prominence, standing desks become increasingly mainstream and bring positive impact to our working style.

2018_11_22_Blog Header

23 November, 2018

Alan Shearer at The Executive Centre

Alan Shearer is one of England’s greatest footballers and recently visited The Executive Centre in Hong Kong.

Our Guide To Jakarta Blog Article

09 November, 2018

Our Guide To Jakarta

Here are some of our favourite spots for working lunches, weekend wanderings and more in Indonesia’s dynamic capital.

2018_11_2_Blog Header

02 November, 2018

A Growing Market: Shared Office Spaces in Dubai

Shared office space in Dubai is expected to grow in the coming years and many businesses are seeing shared space as a viable option and hassle-free solution.

2018_10_31_Blog Header

31 October, 2018

Offsite With TEC in Ho Chi Minh City

What happens when 73 Members of our TEC global team meet to reflect, share and learn together?

Working ‘flexibly’ in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth

30 October, 2018

Working ‘flexibly’ in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth

How is the flex industry evolving to support new ways of working across Australia?

Supporting Women in Business at TEC

10 October, 2018

Supporting Women in Business at TEC

Through partnerships and events we are proud to create an environment that can uplift and empower women to succeed.


04 October, 2018

The Evolution of Hangzhou

As TEC enter Hangzhou for the first time, we reflect on the incredible development and history of the city.

How To Curate Your Desk Space

13 September, 2018

How To: Curate Your Desk Space

Ownership of a workspace impacts not only baseline productivity, but also efficiency and satisfaction levels. Here’s how to make the most of your space.

Jasper Lyons and Philipp Ortner

11 September, 2018

In Conversation With Our Members: Jasper Lyons and Philipp Ortner

We spend time getting to know some of our Members working in Chengdu in this interview about what it takes to succeed in China and the education boom propelling these entrepreneurs forward.

The Art & Science of Design

10 September, 2018

The Art & Science of Design: Wellness, Ergonomics and the Conscious Workspace

Exploring the art and science of design, and the importance of human-centred design solutions via our partnership with Herman Miller.

2018_9_7_Blog Header

06 September, 2018

TEC x Herman Miller: How To Sit in a Chair

Most of us spend on average 8 hours a day sitting in a chair, and this sedentary behaviour impacts productivity, mood and general wellbeing.

The Art & Science of Design

04 September, 2018

The Art & Science of Design: The Impact of Technology on Productivity

Exploring the art and science of design and the impact of smart technology on productivity via our partnership with 9AM.

The Executive Centre_Our Guide to Melbourne

29 August, 2018

Our Guide To Melbourne

To coincide with the forthcoming launch of our first Melbourne centre at Collins Place, here are some of our favourite attractions for working lunches, weekend wanderings and more in this exceptional city.

2018_8_28_Blog Header (1)

28 August, 2018

The Art & Science of Design: Experience That Exceeds Aesthetics

Exploring the art and science of design and the creation of communities through aesthetics via our partnership with Timothy Oulton.

Art and Science of Design

23 August, 2018

The Art & Science of Design: Our Evolving Ethos

Exploring the art and science of design and the evolution of the design ethos at TEC with Fiona Hardie ID.

Wellness and Social Ergonomics

14 August, 2018

Understanding Wellness and Social Ergonomics

Recapping our recent panel event held in collaboration with Herman Miller.

Through Headership

02 August, 2018

Leading Through Listening: The Power of ‘Shut Up’

Joanne Hay, Associate Director with our Service Leadership Team for North APAC shares her expertise when it comes to cultivating an environment for successful teams.

Soohong Jun

24 July, 2018

In Conversation With TEC Member Soohong Jun of FireEye

We spend some time getting to know one of our Members from Seoul in this interview about Cyber Security, the future of work and the impact of technology.

2018_7_19_Blog header

19 July, 2018

Flexible Working in Seoul, Taipei and Singapore

Discover how the flex industry evolves to support new ways of working across Asia, the impact and the future of flexible workspace.

Our Guide To Seoul

16 July, 2018

Our Guide To Seoul

Here are some of our favourite spots for working lunches, weekend wanderings and more in South Korea’s dynamic capital.

2018_7_4_Blog header

05 July, 2018

Our Guide To Sydney

Here are some of our favourite attractions for working lunches, weekend wanderings and more in one of Australia’s most dynamic cities.


29 June, 2018

The Multiple Benefits of Our Serviced Offices

In this article, we look at the variety of advantages of flexible workspaces. Discover the unique benefits that come with serviced offices that The Executive Centre offers


24 June, 2018

Growing Our Centre Network In Mumbai: Introducing Maker Maxity

As our membership continues to grow, we’re strategically expanding our network. Here’s what Members can expect from our forthcoming centre in Mumbai, Maker Maxity.


20 June, 2018

Our Guide To Ho Chi Minh City

To coincide with the forthcoming opening of Saigon Centre Tower 1, here are some of our favourite attractions for working lunches, weekend wanderings and more in Ho Chi Minh City.


19 June, 2018

Why We’re Partnering With TMF Group

Supporting our Members with expert advice and new opportunities for growth.


08 June, 2018

Why Flex Is Best

How can a flexible workspace impact the growth and success of your business?


01 June, 2018

Our Guide To Hong Kong

To coincide with the opening of Three Garden Road, here are some of our favourite Hong Kong attractions for working lunches, weekend wanderings and more.

2018_5_9_Blog Header v2 (1)

09 May, 2018

In Conversation With Mark Devadason of CNCF

What will your recent donation mean for this NGO assisting vulnerable children in Vietnam and Mongolia?

2018_5_2_Blog image

02 May, 2018

Growing Our Centre Network in Vietnam: Introducing Saigon Centre Tower One

Discover details on our first business centre in Vietnam, which is located at Saigon Centre Tower One, your perfect workspace in Saigon.


25 April, 2018

How To Build A Community

With events across our network, we’re excited to report on the launch of #TECCommunity.


17 April, 2018

Welcome To Our Community

How our community is empowering our members’ success.


17 April, 2018

How To Use TEC Forum

Everything you need to know to begin connecting with members throughout our network.


16 April, 2018

Cultivating Communities And Building Connections: Part 2

The second in our series where we reflect on community building with key members of our global team.


13 April, 2018

Cultivating Communities And Building Connections: Part 1

The first in our series where we reflect on community building with key members of our global team.


10 April, 2018

Active April: Wellness At Work

Making healthier choices at work is easier than you might expect.


03 April, 2018

Community And Technology: New Ways To Connect

Online communities answering the challenges of access and connection.


29 March, 2018

China in Focus: A Regional Perspective On Coworking

Coworking has been hailed as a global trend, but how is this shift in workplace dynamics affecting the Chinese market?


23 March, 2018

Finding Focus And Staying Motivated

Advice from the experts on making the most of your workday.


08 March, 2018

Celebrating International Women’s Day At TEC

To mark International Women’s Day, we’re sharing contributions from some of our diverse and talented team.


02 March, 2018

TED Talks: What We Can Learn About More Effective Communication

Approaching ideas and presentations with the same creativity and intensity as your favourite TED Talk.


27 February, 2018

Growing Our Centre Network In Hong Kong: Introducing Two Chinachem Central

Discover our latest Business Centre in Central, located in Two Chinachem, the business centre is a great choice for businesses of all kind.


12 February, 2018

A Beginner’s Guide To Celebrating The Lunar New Year

At home, at work and out and about – all the essential information for a memorable Chinese New Year.


06 February, 2018

A Playlist For Productivity: Can Listening To Music Have An Impact On Performance?

Some recent scientific studies and a playlist for your 9-5.


01 February, 2018

Growing Globally: How Our GAM Team Can Facilitate Your Expansion

Every business wants to grow, and we want to develop a partnership to simplify your expansion.


30 January, 2018

Growing Our Centre Network In China And Japan: New Spaces In Chengdu And Tokyo

All the latest from our newest centre openings in Chengdu and Tokyo.


18 January, 2018

New Year, New Job: Is There A Perfect Time To Hire Or Apply?

Our advice for businesses looking to make some big decisions at the start of the year.

HEADER_CCC_Breakout_ (1)

15 January, 2018

Looking Forward: Community Focus and New Markets to Drive 2018

New markets, new members and new ways of bringing our community together. The year ahead is going to be an exciting period of continued growth for The Executive Centre. Here’s what we’re looking forward to in 2018.

Map (1)

20 December, 2017

Reflecting on 2017: Trends That Defined Success

What did we learn that will continue to drive our business forward in 2018 and beyond?


18 December, 2017

Out of Office: Can a Holiday Be Good for Business?

Why taking a break is great for you and for your business.

Celebrating Member Success Stories: Creating a bespoke workspace for SOM

12 December, 2017

Celebrating Member Success Stories: Creating a bespoke workspace for SOM

How a long standing partnership supported SOM in Hong Kong.

How SOM Partnered with The Executive Centre to Create a Bespoke Workspace

04 December, 2017

How SOM Partnered with The Executive Centre to Create a Bespoke Workspace

Ame Engelhart, Director of SOM Hong Kong shares her experience.