How Does Your Desk Layout Affect Your Productivity?

From colour and storage to everything in between, here are some quick tips to ensure your desk set up allows you to work most productively.

With 200+ centres across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, The Executive Centre has a lot of space for work desks – 3.6 million sq ft of space to be exact.

From standing 9am desks to other ergonomic furnishings across out networks, we’ve provided a myriad of services to ensure optimal productivity for all our Members since our inception.

Unfortunately, being productive is never concrete; there are days of undisturbed efficiency where one can churn out work like a well-oiled machine and then there are days where distractions lay paramount, and the brain fog has slowed any inkling of creative potential for the day. All these variables could be potentially caused be the personal desk you choose to work from.

As you look around at the desks of your colleagues or neighbours you may notice no two desks are ever the same. From minimalist set ups to everything in between, finding the right balance will differ from person to person.

Here are a few tips from us, to help alleviate some of the distractions you may be facing during your workday.

1. Ample & Secure Storage

One of the most underrated and critical facets of a great setup is how well you can store the items you need regularly but not daily.

A perfect example of this would be those that work in the creative arts – video editors, designers, photographers, etc. These individuals a lot of the time require the utilisation of various tangible objects to work which in due time become unwarranted distractions should they be scattered within eyesight.

By investing in storage spaces such as lockable shelving units and lockers, not only are your items safe and secure but also out of sight, allowing you to concentrate and focus on pressing tasks.

Lockers available for rent at our Coworking Space

2. Utilisation of Colour

Decades of academic studies have deduced that colour in all its various forms influences our moods and behaviours. Colour psychology and its associations are becoming more studied due to its positive effects on productivity within workplaces.
The following colours have been noted to connote the following feelings:

Blue: feelings of calmness, serenity, peace, and security

Green: evokes feelings of serenity, refreshment, and peace

Yellow: associated with feelings of happiness and optimism

Colourful furniture at Coworking Space

One thing to note is that colour associations are not universal and can have different interpretations across different cultures, age groups and demographics.

Individuals looking towards utilising colour psychology for their workspace should do so only after evaluating their current workspace needs.

3. Over Stimulation

For those that have worked within the Finance, Tech, and Creative industry – seeing a desk with anywhere between 3 to 4 monitors is standard practice, as it is imperative for the user to multi-task and have crucial applications open all at once.

However, in most cases, having a multiple monitor setup is not a universal requirement as cable management, excessive blue light and lack of space will all prove to be detrimental to your overall productivity.

Furthermore, an alternative solution to remaining productive without the usage of external displays would be to invest in a wide-screen monitor. Easily customisable to your personal preferences this piece of equipment is not only sleek and aesthetic but will also reduce overall energy consumption.

Standing desk at our office spaces that promotes workspace wellness

Ultimately, desk setups are a reflection of who you are. Having a great setup isn’t about spending a sizeable amount of money or mimicking your peers. It’s about finding a way to bring attention and focus to the parts of your setup that bring you joy throughout your day as well as ensure you’re able to be as productive and creative as possible.