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The Advantages Of Coworking Solutions In The Era Of Hybrid Work

17 February, 2023

The Advantages Of Coworking Solutions In The Era Of Hybrid Work

Jim Hutchison on how financial companies and businesses can take advantage of coworking solutions in this new era of hybrid work

How To Reinvigorate Corporate Workplace Strategies With Flex

15 November, 2022

How To Reinvigorate Corporate Workplace Strategies With Flex

Discover ways to bring flexible workplaces into existing corporate real estate portfolios and bolster resilience and adaptability.

Newest Coworking Initiative

24 August, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage Of TEC’s Newest Coworking Initiative

Discover why coworking is a smart investment for young adults, and how TEC’s under 28 coworking program can be the springboard for long-term success.

A TEC Member showing a better way to work by telling his business story

26 July, 2022

A Better Way To Work

Reimagine your first office-client experience with our latest comedic campaign, a Better Way To Work.

The Apollo at AIA Central in Hong Kong

20 June, 2022

Where Will You Go To Work Tomorrow?

Gain an up-to-date insight on trending workspace practices. From Activity-Based Working (ABW) to focused quiet rooms, it’s essential more than ever as we near ever closer to normalcy, to find the ideal workspace solution for you and your team.

Interviewing professionals to understand their experience with a flexible workspace

02 June, 2022

In Conversation With Our Members: Land Insight

At The Executive Centre, we aim to provide tailored made solutions to all our Members. The following blog explores our relationship with LandInsight, an environmental risk analysis company headquartered in our Barangaroo Centre.

Erik Saito from Workiva Using TEC Office Space for work

15 February, 2022

In Conversation With Our Members: Workiva

At The Executive Centre, we aim to provide the most optimal solutions to all Members, both existing and new. We offer top-class hospitality, immaculate services, and premium office fittings. The following interview follows our most recent Member Success Story with Workiva.

The Apollo at AIA Central in Hong Kong

11 January, 2022

Four Ways To Use The Apollo at AIA Central

The Apollo 20 is our newest installation at AIA Central, designed by Timothy Oulton. The first in Hong Kong and 1 of 22 in the world, this exclusive space is a must-try for all our Members.

The sustainability green office workspace in TEC

01 November, 2021

How To Make Your Business More Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Consumers are more conscious of the importance of sustainability than ever before. With the debate over climate change, sustainability and the environment taking precedent, here are ways you can make your business more sustainable & eco-friendly.

The Future of Work and Workplace Flexibility Is About Choice

20 October, 2021

The Future of Work and Workplace Flexibility Is About Choice

With the future of work in flux, discover how MNCs like Standard Chartered Bank are re-evaluating their business strategy.


15 July, 2020

3 Things You Need To Know | Why The Office Must Change

From aggressive shifts in corporate values and priorities, here are 3 significant trends we observe that will impact our relationship with the office.


24 June, 2020

9 Lessons For Re-Introducing The Office

Getting ready for you and your team to get back to the office? Find out what we have learnt about the re-opening of the workplace, post-COVID-19.


15 January, 2020

Evolution in Business

Change is inevitable, and evolution is essential, how will you keep up?

TEC Blog Our Expansion Outlook Part 2

22 October, 2019

Our Expansion Outlook: Part 2

Given the tight availability of new office space in both core and gateway markets, flexible options have become a valuable solution for organisations that prioritise agility in terms of their corporate real estate portfolios.

professional coffee machine at one of TEC business centres

07 August, 2019

A Cornerstone of Our Community: Social Spaces at Work 

Social spaces are part of the new future of work, but how can design inform the development of a community?


10 July, 2019

The Global Relevance and Impact of the Flexible Workspace Industry

Global Accounts Manager, Sebastian Stiles shares his perspective on the flexible workspace industry as it continues to evolve, changing both the way we do business and the way we serve Members


19 June, 2019

Spotlight On: Japan

As we anticipate our first Centre opening in Yokohama, we are reflecting on our journey in Japan and our optimism for the future of these important cities.


15 May, 2019

Evolutions in the Flexible Workspace Market: Taipei Spotlight

Taipei is an important market for TEC. How have the dynamics of this market shaped our community in the city?


08 May, 2019

Designing Flexibly to Support Industries and Individuals

How does TEC develop spaces that support the unique requirements of different industries and businesses?


30 January, 2019

Global Trends that are Determining the Workplace of the Future 

Flexible space is a generating plenty of conversation about new ways of working, but demographic, cultural and corporate evolutions are the real agents of change at work. 

The Art & Science of Design

04 September, 2018

The Art & Science of Design: The Impact of Technology on Productivity

Exploring the art and science of design and the impact of smart technology on productivity via our partnership with 9AM.

Soohong Jun

24 July, 2018

In Conversation With TEC Member Soohong Jun of FireEye

We spend some time getting to know one of our Members from Seoul in this interview about Cyber Security, the future of work and the impact of technology.